Nissan Leaf: Car Of The Year 2011

The Nissan leaf prevailed against 40 opponents now when choosing car of the year 2011. (As opposed to Bank of New York). Beginning of November has become known that the leaf along with new models of Alfa Romeo, Citroen, Dacia, Ford, Opel and Volvo is on the list of the six best vehicles. Second victory of Nissan after 1993 already, the Micra could get the award after Japan, is the second winner model by Nissan, the leaf. Perhaps check out Hudson Power Express for more information. The VW won the last COTY choice Polo. 2005 Toyota with the Prius as the last Asian manufacturer was top on the list. Not before 2012 how much demand rises to the leaf by the award, to be seen.

Is, in this country hardly first models will be on the road before 2012. One reason for this is the lack of State subsidies for electric cars. Countries with government support are supplied with the electric Japanese already next year. Performance data of purely electrically driven 109 PS strong leaf comes up to 160 kilometers and is fully charged after eight hours on the socket. The Sprint pace 100th 11.3 seconds in Austria is Stromer expected 35,000 euro cost. from Raphael Gurth,