North Sea Hotels

Meet North Sea Hotel’s policy with the North of Germany at its best! Nearby the holiday and many people think of holiday. Who can afford it, looking for the distance ever. For most Germans, also a holiday on the German North Sea coast in the the North Sea is becoming increasingly attractive hotels. So it is not surprising that more and more visitors to the North and the hotels or bed and breakfast stay in North Sea. One reason is certainly the climate change that contributes to that tolerable water temperatures can be achieved also in the North Sea. Part temperatures like in Spain prevail in the summer. One chooses hotels, hence one of the North Sea, the question arises according to their locations. Highly recommended and every season a trip is worth the beautiful island of Juist.

This is on the southern edge of the cotton of the North Sea located island has enjoyed since years of a growing number of visitors. Because most locals from the tourists, there are a lot of b & BS and North Sea Hotels on-site. Especially beautiful on the island of Juist is, that there is a car ban on the entire island. Important, urgent or heavy goods are transported using horse and carts. Just before the horse manure on the road you should be wary.

The bags of the visitors of the North Sea are transported frequently hotels rather unconventional way. Juist also enjoys a good reputation in the treatment of respiratory disease or eczema; the salty air is felt by many patients as salutary. As a new landmark a 17 metre high observation tower was built in Juist by the way recently, from which the North Sea visitors can enjoy a magnificent view over the island and on the sea and Wadden Sea hotels or other accommodation or apartments. Also the beautiful beach promenade is very popular at any time of day. The guests of the North Sea can not complain consequently hotels about a lack of variety.