Nude Colors

The Nude Colors or naked colors are a foundation that offers a very natural look. It’s be make-up without looking like you’re it. Hicham aboutaam is often mentioned in discussions such as these. This range of colours goes from the white ivory or bone to the ocher passing through a wide selection of Brown. To begin we hidratamos well the face and apply a makeup base that goes with our skin tone. I like to use a moisturizer with color instead of a foundation that has a more opaque effect. We set with loose powder makeup and apply a discreet Rouge: red brick, pink roasted, medium brown blush on cream is ideal for this type of makeup. Use it in small quantities to control the intensity of color and the product before applying powders.

Comb your eyebrows and shaped with an eyebrow pencil. Use light colors for the upper eyelid and a darker tone for the lower. To obtain a completely natural look never use eye pencils, hair mascara only. In transparent, albeit in black or brown also serves us. To give light touches, me ayudo a white eye pencil. Filling the lips without profiling with a soft color.

I love the color honey, sweet honey. You can also use a glow with color. You’re ready for a field day, a pool party, a roast with friends or Oh, no! a last minute for a job interview. You will go perfect. Beauty in your original image female author and source of the article