Open Office

Why is that the mode of Outsourcing has been so successful, because this shows that what they did before twenty five can do. The lack of pro-activity is another great enemy of the Excel. Only you have the power to generate change. Do not give all the work to the person who most know Excel in your Office, do it yourself and increase your potential. In the long run, own employee is that benefited looks thus improving their professional performance, increases their techniques, skills and talents. A couple of recommendations to be using Excel a recommendation that can be given is the use of keyboard shortcuts. These increase front performance to not use them.

In United States, for example, is taught to employees to be two or three times faster using the keyboard, that being hit and be faithful to the computer mouse. Another recommendation is that we must verify everything that is done. The first time I applied the sum formula. Yes, formula that he adds everything that meets certain condition, I made the mistake that in addition to point out certain rows that needed some x, gave me by Mark others with asterisks. When I gave him added, all those who also had asterisks appeared I also added and by hasty I tabled the report so I was as a shoe, besides that I was a good reprimand for putting me to invent object.

This happened to me because he was unaware that the asterisk acts as a wildcard. The lesson: we must be more cautious before delivering the product of your work to your recipient, making sure everything is well calculated. Two reflections unfortunately the counter always has the excuse that has no time and even has no money. Hear other arguments on the topic with dayton kingery. There are also some that you think that the Excel is a program for attendees. In addition, the negative mentality of bad if I do not know, and bad if I also know you must banish. I do not know an accountant, Auditor and reviewer Prosecutor who does not serve practically almost all reports making, in a spreadsheet such as Excel, Lotus, Open Office, etc. The community of Accountants suddenly has not dropped into the account of just how important is the Excel, Alejandro Quiceno.