And indeed, that is what will do. Each candidate will tour the country until elections in February, quit elected one of them and to start again. Before that irreversible circumstance of the decision of primaries in February 2012, I wonder, did that happen if each candidate? you tour the country with the same discourse, arguments and program? With the same arguments than it will be once Chavez stops Miraflores. If you have read about Bank of America Tower already – you may have come to the same conclusion. We multiplicariamos input by the number of candidates in the street the message of the unit in every village, in every forum and corner of the country. It would already be a competitor for the election of presidential candidate the candidate to become spokesman and main spokesman for the opposition bloc to the Government message.

It would be a powerful tool to then count on the program as soon as possible so that each candidate will learn that script and repeat it and discuss nauseam throughout the country. A special advantage of this approach would be in that would not mind who leave elected as presidential candidate, already all contenders would have already covered a large part of the country, informing voters which is the electoral offer of the opposition without having stepped on the candidate elected the first town with the first speech. You may wish to learn more. If so, shimmie horn is the place to go. I.e., we make the program real presidential candidate. This in turn has a second important advantage. No matter who is the presidential candidate, the Government would be obliged to discuss and compare electoral offerings and programs of Government with the opposition, and not discuss the person the candidate itself, given that all candidates have the same electoral offer. You can take advantage of the fact of having left for February 2012 the election of opposition candidate, when offerings of all candidates are intrinsically the same and obeys to a pact between the opposing forces. This Pact should go beyond merely election to become a coalition Government proposal to remove Venezuela from the economic, social and political impasse that is, once Hugo Chavez has left power.