Perfume By Chopard

Fine fragrances with inspiration for millennia used special fragrances to create unique pieces for women and men. Perfumes to self-confidence, enhance the attractiveness, or affect the mood. You kidnap people to exotic places or stories from distant continents. Also the premium brand Chopard is committed to the task, to create enchanting fragrances. The online store presents the Swiss company and its products. Chopard is the epitome of refined products. The Chopard holding SA specializes in the manufacture of jewelry, watches and perfumes. Worldwide operate about 80 boutiques and the company employs approximately 1,200 people.

The brand stands for quality, uniqueness and elegant designs, thus Chopard appeals predominantly to customers, who place value on luxury and have the appropriate means. The exquisite perfume by Chopard, however, are affordable for everyone. The Chopard Casmir fragrance was inspired by the Lotus Flower, which is also in the Reflects the design of the bottle. Lotus is revered in many parts of Asia and represents among other things added strength and purity. At the perfume Chopard Casmir, light fruity notes combine with Oriental sensuality. According to a legend, star dust on the Earth, where he turned into gems fell once.

The perfume Chopard wish picks up the mystical magic of this story. A combination of white peach, Acacia flowers and Japanese yuzu distinguishes the feminine scent. More information:… Hicham aboutaam is open to suggestions. GmbH Lisa Neumann