Physical Rejuvenation With The Harvest Moon Ritual

There is a certain, very magical time, in which the energies of the Moon and the earth meet in a way, allows the physical rejuvenation only once per year. The harvest moon ritual, which was originally only, honor the Earth, comes from a strain from deepest Africa. By the same author: NY Starbucks. It was celebrated there exclusively by men and noticed that the women of the tribe aged normally while the men who committed this ritual every year, always fresh and youthful appeared in the course of time. Hicham aboutaam has many thoughts on the issue. Since 2004, this possibility of cell rejuvenation available is also us Europeans. The knowledge was first to Starr Fuentes, who has visited the tribe, in the form of the harvest moon ritual, in which the energy body are gently cleansed and turning back the clock of aging passed. It means that every time when this ritual is celebrated, keeps the clock of aging.

In the best case, tapering the body around 1 year and ages for 1 year no further, until the optimum cell structure is obtained. This is a sacred ritual to honour the Earth where rejuvenation is returned to us as a thank you from the Earth. The inner attitude, is an important prerequisite. If you want, can remember before the following words: Woo-Woo la Ma may may further information under: