Poll: Germans Have Respect Before Friday The 13th

Majority would prefer to stay at home / women rely on luck Regensburg, March 10, 2009 the Germans have still respect before the “Friday the 13th”: it shows a survey of social networks spin.de, the more than 5,500 users have participated in. The majority of the respondents would prefer not go out the door. Men and women handle it differently the date. Just 6 percent of respondents see the “Black Friday” pure superstition. 32 percent of those surveyed – and thus the largest group – rely on the security of the own four walls and prefer would not go outside the door.

In times of economic crisis and when three black Fridays a year respondents yearn for safety and security. Strategies against the Black Friday of 1. Stay at home 19.3% 32.0% 2nd hide 3. luck 12.3% day 4 is lucky day 7.6% 5 pure superstition 6.3% online survey of more than 5,500 participants on. Hide men, women place second most on the marzipan pig (19 per cent) respondents indicating deliberately hide the day.

Set to everyday life. Especially the men let themselves be swayed not: almost a third of them does everything as usual. This only applies to over 11 percent of women. An inverse relationship with the gender distribution is for the use of lucky charms and talismans, which end up on 3rd place with 13 percent. Women use these tools twice as often as men. The respondents swear by this marzipan pigs and amulets, wear the lucky underpants or to sprinkle salt over the shoulder. Wide variety of survival strategies put many respondents to rebuke real survival strategies. One abandon the car, stand up with both feet at the same time, or make the calendar a day forward. Others go even further: even a talisman that tinker calendar eat only passenger be a pillow to his stomach commit as many chimney sweeps kiss a cup put yogurt on the head, rotate in the district and whistle “La Paloma” Rationalists outnumbered only a small number of respondents (6 percent) indicates that they consider the myth of the Friday the 13th for superstition. 8 percent turn the tables: you’re suggesting the Friday the 13th as their personal lucky day. About SPiN AG the SPiN AG from Regensburg develops and operates successfully virtual communities since 1996. The largest among them, the social network is ivw listed and is one of the largest German sites with 680 million of page impressions and 14 million visits (Dec 2008). How to contact with wbpr Public Relations Stephan oak supervisor Tel: 089 / 99 59 06 31 fax: 089 / 99 59 06 99 email: