Private Health Insurance

Differences and requirements for statutory and private health insurance at a glance legal or private health insurance? Wishes to change the health insurance, often faces is the question, statutory or private? The difference is important to know say the advantages or disadvantages, to make the right choice. In addition to the differences between the public and private health insurance, the different fare conditions of the car are also to observe and compare. Each worker is compulsorily to a monthly gross income of 4.125 euro requirements for inclusion in the private health insurance statutory health insurance. Higher earning, professionals or civil servants can join the statutory health insurance, in this case the so-called voluntary health insurance, but voluntarily. Workers be included in the private health insurance with a gross as 4.125 euro. For freelancers or self-employed persons, civil servants or students, there is no Income limitations. Spouse or children up to 25 years, which have no income of their own, are covered in the statutory health insurance.

Everyone must ensure in private insurance. The performance of the statutory health insurance is statutory and private health insurance compared according to the statutory basic care benefits. This means for example, limited doctor choice, multi-bed rooms in the hospital. The legal offer bonus programs, treatment grants and the like, depending on the health insurance this is regulated differently. At Privatversicherten the basic protection is similar to that in the statutory insurance, here the patient can choose but also top rates, which include, for example, a chief physician treatment or single room in the hospital.

Refund from dentures or see aid is also possible in certain tariffs. Statutory and private compared in the statutory health insurance companies all funds calculate the same contribution rate health insurance contribution. For some, an additional post is necessary. Workers and Employer share of the statutory health insurance contribution, employee pay in addition 0.9%. The private funds, the amount of the contribution depends on the age, health status and sex of the patient. For workers, the employer also here is just under half of the contribution. While the contribution of the statutory health insurance companies so it is clear from the front in the contribution to the car with a private health insurance can be calculated online calculator. Kassenarztliche budgeting only in the statutory health insurance statutory health insurance the services of doctors have been budgeted. Is budgeting exhausted, the physician would have to free work. Therefore, treatments must sometimes be moved into the new year. The private health insurance contains no budgeting. Management guarantee exists for the services selected in the respective tariff. The private health insurance offers some advantages over the law. You can choose the fare best suited to itself and benefit from additional services such as the dentures. Private health insurance: contribution development Note and compare because there are a wide variety of private health insurance plans, which differ in the services, as well as in the contributions, you should compare the private funds be sure before taking out such insurance. So you can save not only up to 75% contribution costs, but also the services can adapt to the personal needs. Also, attention should be directed increasingly on the respective contribution development of for private health insurance. Only a stable compared development of contribution in the past promises a contribution of stability in the future.