Slowly Digested Cereals

Given these studies, the producers are trying to develop cereals that are slowly digested, ie, grain low-glycemic-index c. For us, the followers Doctor 'Kuzmin' it is clear that, bio or not, morning cereals have the same drawbacks. In nature, everything is made, let us ask ourselves, why try to transform the already high quality product that is us offers, except for the deterioration of its properties under the pretense that what we eat has to be "ready to use." Indeed, whole grains weak glycemic index and 2 coffee spoons of our crops just milled with a cream Budvig correspond to the criteria defining the concept of a wholesome breakfast. Moreover, it is – cheap food, even if they are organic. Why to go very far beyond what we have at hand. "MODIFIED" PRODUCTS We are not talking about GMOs, but the products subjected to mutation by selection for a specific purpose: The Best Harvest efficiency, or for any special properties.

This is the case with sunflower and safflower oleic maslami.Olivkovoe oil containing oleic acid (omega 9) because of it – is well known in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Our scientists have mutated genes sunflower seed and safflower, naturally rich in linoleic acid (omega6) so that they contained more oleic acid. In the diet you will find shops, sunflower and safflower oleic oil bio, which in themselves are not harmful, but you do not get at them use or benefit from omega-6 nor from these olives. Always read the label.