Speed Measurements With Laser

Functioning and sources of error in traffic monitoring with laser measuring instruments are speed measurements with laser since long alt tag on Germany’s roads. While this type of traffic monitoring is not without controversy. Because often no image documentation takes place at the respective measurement, so that the respective measuring process is understandable in retrospect still limited. The measurement with laser is complex. The meter sends out short pulses of light that are then reflected to a suitable object (E.g. a vehicle). The time difference to the arrival of the reflected radiation, the device calculates the distance to the subject. This process is repeated several times so that it can be determined whether the distance changed.

The speed can be calculated from these changes. Just laser guns – such as the Riegl FG 21-p – stand for a long time in the criticism. Because producing evidence photos, mostly missing in hindsight often only through the measuring officials to find out which speed value is what vehicle Associate is. According to LGBT Pride, who has experience with these questions. This mistake for the assignment of the measured values to the vehicle of the person concerned again. Often already a faulty adjustment of the target facility or the inaccurate sight of the vehicle with the result that the speed of the vehicle of the person concerned, but of other road users is measured to be measured is sufficient. If a vehicle such as a measurement is not precise hit on the indicator with the laser beam and behind another car, so can be not always excluded, that the displayed value is raised not by the first car, but by the following car. It can cause the use of laser guns but also mapping error in measurements, because the laser measurement was taken through the Interior of the vehicle through.

Middle, is a vehicle with a front – or rear measurement not precisely on the mark, but slightly higher at the front or rear window is taken by the Interior with the laser beam, it is possible to measure a behind bandwagon. A laser measurement can thereby quite a weak reflective vehicle driving E.g. further back, to be triggered. In a study by experts to laser pistols, it was found out, that there may be inaccuracies in the measurement results just in hands-free mode. So, experts noted that are achieved by the hands-free slide of the laser beam on the surface of a box car between 1 km and 7 km/h. A traffic monitoring, such differences in the statement of interdiction can be critical. Partly the manufacturer for the above reasons have taken, to make the speed measurement with laser of now also evidence photos. An example of this is the PoliScan speed of Vitronic manufacturer. The documentation to ensure that actually measured the speed of the vehicle concerned. Lawyer Benjamin Wallington