Sportics Real Time Telemetry

Sportics real time telemetry – successful transmission of live heart rate in the half-marathon in Frankfurt Sportics.NET – optimize your sport, it was just a first test. No more – not less. Over 2 hours long you could watch live the heart rate of an athlete in the competition on Sportics.NET. This was possible through the new SRT application sportics for Nokia devices. The sportics real time telemetry for Nokia is already the second application for mobile devices from the sportics development.

After SRT is successfully tested for Apple’s iPhone 3 G already for more than 3 months and used, now also the puncture on a Nokia mobile team managed the spor tics. On Sunday, March 1, an athlete with the SRT-enabled Nokia at the Lufthansa started half marathon in Frankfurt. The data on the platform was absolutely perfect. In the real time graphic on Sportics.NET the current heart rate of the runner’s almost in every second built continues. That was really feel, live “Viewers” on the platform. “You could Almost hear heartbeat”, so an interested observer, who accompanied his sports partner during the entire run of the sports platform. Also with the SRT-enabled iPhone 3 G were some athletes again and could be accompanied by positioning and performance data on Sportics.NET live. The live tracking in Frankfurt was the last major field test before the application is now in the Apple app store. Test report: activity/20888