Stefan Steinbrenner

The Admention media GmbH launches exclusive cooperation with the advertising network ADperformance is a 65,8, specializing in the marketing of large and small Web sites. Admention media GmbH has established many excellent contacts to end customers and agencies despite your short history, which help to promote our websites effectively and optimally. This positioning in the market, Admention media waives a monthly minimum delivery quantity. The two managing directors Stefan Steinbrenner and Jacek Feliniak agree we are really delighted to have found a partner who covers the whole Postviewbereich for us, builds them professionally and further developed”. Through this strategic partnership we can, as usual, full marketing of pages focus on and further advance the agency business as well as the end-customer business.” ADperformance is a brand of the S & P Agency for brand communication GmbH and specializes in performance and display campaigns. Through the exclusive partnership with Admention GmbH in the field of Postview together is a long-term partnership. I am delighted the contract with the Admention media and the partnership for 2010. I’m sure to have found a good partner in the area of performance with Admention media campaigns.” So Nina Haller, the brains behind ADperformance by the exclusive contract it again managed to secure itself a not inconsiderable Trafficvolumen exclusively ADperformance and still confirms the clear path.

I would like to offer a solid inventory of Trafficflachen with ADperformance and grow together with my partners. The partnerships sought by me are selected and I have not chosen the Admention media without reason. Admention media is just like ADperformance on a long-term, slow growth. With the Admention media GmbH as a solid partner in the portfolio we will achieve a lot.” In just a few months, ADperformance has established itself as a fixture in the area of performance and display marketing. More information under and