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Immanuel Kant

In understanding, man uses symbols sense images. He is involved in a world of characters and in a community that uses a common language. Not only in texts, but in all human creations sense be interpretation is entered, a hermeneutical task is to read out. u0085 In modern times, its scope widened, she evolved into…

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Philippines Gerhard Menje Cebu City Philippines

There were the back pain, but often quite often diarrhea, a somewhat constantly I needed stlf breathing when climbing stairs, new clothes, because everything was just too tight. And what I most remember, yes I had to tie the laces already difficulty stooping to me and many other smaller food-related complaints. Yes, I had lived…

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The New

We are all increasingly androgynous, go more to a unit “back, psychologically mankind is subject to while still a giant fear potential, this is misterkeeroo from dinosaur” from industry and politics still harness that goes down the drain, but want to. With the fear disappear fear systems, that is already visible because the collective anxiety…

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