The InterCaravaning

On request the InterCaravaning dealer check the vehicle also completely through. Must the windshield washer antifreeze filled are. The minimum ratio should temperatures of minus 25 degrees to withstand. Frost and also batteries set to cold, so campers should fully charge it prior to departure. Tent: No one ideal heat and dirt lock with security will spend his nights in the tent, but serves as an ideal heat valve stem. Not quite so quickly cools the vehicle and wet clothes and shoes can be pulled out already in the tent.

Remains so in heat and moisture and dirt out. Important: The stem should have a steep roof, so no snow it can gather and have concealed zippers and a sturdy rod. With a preliminary tent carpet or plastic tiles, the tent room thaw and use of a preliminary tent heater does not become the landscape of mud. Tip for the building: in the frozen ground just a drill the holes for the pegs drill. To the stem and the vehicle of the snow mass free, head, broom and shovel in the luggage. A perfectly functioning heating system is heating and gas system the most important during the winter. A normal gas bottle as quickly comes to their limits.

Best take winter campers not only a larger 11 kg swap bottle (gray-green color), but also a reserve bottle. Caution: The normally used butane remains liquid at freezing temperatures and the heating failed. Propane gas cylinders are required. The InterCaravaning experts also recommend an automatic switching system on the reserve cylinder. Equipped nobody must crawl at night in sub-zero temperatures to change the bottle out of the bed. There are also switching systems with a crash safety. Thanks to this backup heating even while driving is allowed, otherwise the gas bottle must remain closed. In addition, even a remote indicator and a warming of the gas regulator can be installed.