The New

We are all increasingly androgynous, go more to a unit “back, psychologically mankind is subject to while still a giant fear potential, this is misterkeeroo from dinosaur” from industry and politics still harness that goes down the drain, but want to. With the fear disappear fear systems, that is already visible because the collective anxiety products and anxiety services go out of themselves, to reason or less and less respected just by the people. Sure enough, there are examples: wars are the product of fear, the Germans want not warriors in Afghanistan, ill health systems based on pure fear, the pension is a product of fear, investments, fear models are and, and, and. Some of these extinct dinosaurs were alive at the time, but that’s going to end, we have learned, experience and we can provide for ourselves in the future. Now, shortly before 2012, what happens with these concepts? They all work no longer they go bankrupt, self-destruct, extinguish themselves, because the new consciousness of people has less fear. And who believes still a politician, actually just a little pathetic bunch. The new politician is a sure thing, a brave fortune teller, a Kerl/in to the touch. A computer scientist, a goal-focused friend of the people and of the people, a system servant and a creator of innovative creations of value, an economic ecologist and a preserver of human, is much more “who understands communication in the body first, will cure everything, what needs healing.

spiritual values and he Who best understands communication in the social collective, will win the society, who observed the time and understands the signals of the new paradigms will shape the new time. Who turned the fears of a nation into courage, will create in the future this nation, this people are serving prevail in the sense of altruistic selfishness. The new man is just gebarende is can not escape this political understanding, because this is the reality of life, life is courageous and consistent Step forward, evolutionary and unconditionally.