The Nomad Carpet – The Pearl Of The Oriental Rugs

The nomad carpet the Pearl of oriental carpets In the Orient still millions of people lead a nomadic existence, whose main source of income is the sheep. A nomad camp with his tents from black goatskin, the large herds of sheep and goats, as well as the shepherds on their donkeys and horses are a fascinating part of the Oriental landscape. However, this culture of extinction is threatened with increasing Sedentism of the nomads. Contribute to this good grazing, which eliminate the need for a change of location. These people gradually become “sedentary nomad”. Today the nomads use jeeps and motorcycles as a means of transportation, there were donkeys and camels.

Earlier there was a competition in between the nomadic families, who could make the most beautiful Persian rugs. You searched for the weavers at work to surpass. This is different today because the carpets from the outset intended for sale. Patterns and motifs are kunstloser. An old Nomad carpet is a good investment that will pay off can. Carpets, kilims and bags of various sizes belong to the daily life of the nomads.

The own animals provide the material for it. The knotting takes place at the looms. The motifs from the environment of the nomads, they inherit from itself from generation to generation. The tying of the pattern is done from memory rather than template. Sheep farming is the main source of income of the nomads. “Also the semi nomads, which are a part of the year settled, make your carpets in the same way. The carpets needed than for own use are sold on the next Bazaar; the nomadic tribe, from which comes the carpet, gives its name to this. The city of Shiraz lives the largest nomadic Federation of Iran – spelled. The Bakhtiari, North of the Lori live West of Isfahan. The Baluchis live in the border area between Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. In the execution of large differences Nomad carpet. The patterns and motifs range from simple and naive representations (E.g., Gabbeh carpets) to complex and figurative