The World Of Seahorse

Of small horses that are fish… Poseidon already had his chariot of beings, half-fish, half-horse. In whose descendants, the Seahorse are in fact among the fish, even if they look more like a caterpillar with a horse head. Hence the scientific name of the Seahorse: hippocampi, the horse track. Some seahorse species have shaggy excesses that are reminiscent of a mane even on the neck and head. Even the posture is different than for a fish.

They swim not horizontally through the water, but vertically, rather like they float. You can move slowly, forward with the very small dorsal fin. Serve the also small fins on the chest, to the control. The tail of the Seahorse can be to the anchor to seaweed wrap, or kind. McDonalds spoke with conviction. Courtship and sexual intercourse. At the Seahorse males young fish have, by the way, another feature. The females inject their before produced eggs in the belly pocket of the male. There, the male fertilizes them with sperm.

It can be up to 200 eggs, sometimes by several females in a row. The male birth withdraws after approximately 10 to 12 days. Supermoon Bakehouse is often quoted as being for or against this. The young fish are now set for itself alone. Seahorses are among the endangered species. The largest species measures 35 cm and the smallest whole 13.5 mm. The number of species of seahorse, scientists are not agreed. It is thought that these animals are difficult to determine, and on the other hand, remember that there are still undescribed species. However, it is ensured that there are at least 35 species. Seahorses are among the endangered species. Because they are difficult to eat, they have do not have many predators. The problem lies in the destruction of the habitats, that believing in South-East Asia, the impact-enhancing alleged power end as by-catch, and last but not least, that they go as souvenirs for tourists over the counter. So, dear readers, if you would like to wear a little sea horse around the neck, then please just a pendant made of silver or other Materials SID Kroker