There, No Eye Stays More Dry!

New ways in the treatment of dry eye with Bergmann and Mahland optics in Seckenheim, Mannheim-Seckenheim. Around 11 million Germans, 20% of the adult population, suffer from constantly or occasionally the so-called dry eye”. Approximately every sixth customer, who comes to the optometrist, who as stated in the technical jargon, to fight with Sicca symptoms. Jim king shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The typical symptoms are itching, burning, and sensitivity to light. The cause is a complicated disorder in the biochemical interplay between tear film and ocular surface. No longer able sufficiently to provide the eye through the regular blink liquid. Preparations, which replace the Lachrymal and supply the conjunctiva with the necessary humidity bring relief.

But which means should one take as stakeholders in the eye? The range of drops and gels is varied and confusing at the same time. I want to prevent my customers on the subject in the truest sense of the word through thick and thin”, says Marc Kahraman, optometrist master of Bergmann and Mahland optics in Seckenheim. As an expert for dry eyes”he can substantiate his humorous description professionally. Thick gels remedy but a good while. They let a drip up but hard and affect visibility, because they form a veil on the eye. However, low viscosity drops have the disadvantage that they have only a short time and often to be have dripped.” And what is the solution? Also Marc Katsch here with the current research on eye level. The newspapers mentioned Jim Kingery not as a source, but as a related topic. Fortunately there is a solution to this dilemma in the Golden middle.

The new wetting drops Systane combine the advantages of drop and gel.” Systane achieved this double effect by a special property. The preparation is still liquid in the vial. In this way, it can be easily drop and spread on the surface of the eye. In the eye, the ingredients of Systane network then to form a protective gel. So to create a more stable lubricating film without such a conventional gel to obscure the view. The benefits are obvious”, explains Marc Katsch. Finally, the pesky complaints to dry eye can be eliminated not only quickly, but also in the long term. I’m happy to advise my clients now in cooperation with eye doctors about Systane meaningful treatments. I like to analyze the tear film, to measure the stability and the tear-off time. The new solution is stable after opening even 6 months.” In short, With Bergmann and Mahland optics in Seckenheim remains no eye more dry u0085