Wolfgang Bergmann

National parliaments, extra-parliamentary opposition and, last but not least, we all, the people. Even the remaining communist systems can work with, because the equality, their basic idea is not feasible and restricts the freedom of all, our most important asset and freedom is what is to be achieved. The “world supply company” pays a basic care from the day of birth every citizen, child, woman and man of the planet until the death. The “world supply company” will pay a tax surcharge of 15% in the House neck coffers of Nations (member countries) every nation – in addition on the primary care of people. All Nations introduced a minimum wage, which corresponds to the primary care – of you can live well without working. The “world supply company” is independent of our financial systems and receives no funding from its members, the Nations.

It is culturally and religious regardless. They produced their funds independently in the amount required. The cash come virtually out of nowhere. The world supply company has an infinite account which never and no one has to be fed. The software creates the necessary deposits. I call this money: “renewable means of payment”or”renewable means of payments”, because they will be. This means of payment, we will create an independent policy and capital, new, additional financial system that is libertarian to democratize our systems, neutralize and perfect.

This new financial system is politically independent between all directions, parties, cultures, religions between left and right, top and bottom and rich and poor at a neutral venue. An account at the Bank of their choice is established for every earthling, and all Nations on which the means of payment can be transferred monthly, online. They flow like blood in the veins from the bottom to the top and will work on their way. You will be End hunger and wars. You will ensure free education for all. You will enable it to confront climate change. You will put into perspective the power of capital. You will realize world’s flowering landscapes. You will finish the unfortunate, economic globalization and bring a new globalization work for all. The people are back together. Will bring the Democratic politicians, who can do his work alone, because he has the funds, which still lacks. They will take care of the public debt and our children and grandchildren a legacy to be let free and happy life. It is quite simple. It is only given and anyone anything. And this creates the perfect, Liberal, democratic system that we all seek and find. This is the miracle that we all our nature and the planet need. It is the solution of all things. This is an approach, perhaps even the approach.