World Wide Web

Especially for medium-sized companies, a large part of the online activities are performed always still konzeptionslos and without sufficient use of resources. Their target audience in the focus are the immediate action objectives for your target group which (such as on site carefully image, perceive, via online shop to buy, fill out contact form)? Here it is with the standing available online budget to filter out the appropriate measures for your range and target the right way. The following table gives a rough overview of the currently most common online marketing measures (for individual Companies must check the relevance of course individually). Media-specific user behavior stark simplifies the communication process in the World Wide Web in two stages can be illustrated: the central instrument of their online marketing measures is your corporate portal or online shop. A big difference to the most offline advertising is that users on the Internet are actively looking for products or services. Hardly a visitor will get lost but randomly on their corporate website. So they must ensure the first step that your offer will be found.

And precisely where their target audience searches. And that their offer stands out sufficiently from their competitors. What usability tests repeatedly show: once the party is on its Web portal, they have little time. The visitor finds within a few seconds what he’s looking for, he is already at the competitors. Therefore it is not enough, graphically appealing to design the site to leave. Use the media-specific features to your advantage at the A holistic conceptual approach pays off design of a product or corporate portal. In addition to important technical parameters they should attach importance to good usability: they offer targeted content with high individual value? Or provide the appropriate content topic-specific landing pages? Offer customers a personalized offer? Or potential new customers? Different interests should be served immediately without detours, alternate click paths enable any user to come quickly to a relevant result. Web users are impatient and spoiled.

You want to be taken seriously and can be self-determined. And they expect to cut content on them and their needs. Especially in the B2b sector. In addition to the low scattering losses and high range, a great advantage of Internet advertising is that the reaction of the mentioned users a differentiated range of instruments can measure and evaluate. These include feedback, tracking, targeting, and statistical tools. When the keyword advertising to the Sample can be gained very detailed information: keyword within the online campaign leads to which action the user? What time of day? What geographical origin have the user? And you have the possibility of immediately reacting to and customize your measures. Online shops or product portals offer automated sales support in real time. Let is to conceive that information obtained in the shop cause the optimization of sales support during the user’s visit. This is done through customization of the offer presentation to the user, or by a recommendation tailored to this additional article. Summary at the time there are some different in the BtoB market relevant online marketing measures. (A valuable related resource: dayton ). First, they need to be but about their goals clear, because they ultimately determine the marketing mix. The complexity of the task you should trust the expertise of an experienced Internet Agency, for them a longer-term Strategy elaborates and carries out a professional conception of the individual measures. In particular conception of their company or product portal as a strategic marketing tool requires in-depth knowledge of the medium and the special behavior of its users. Learn more