Month: September 2019

Social Media

In my opinion there are 3 main ways of being these online marketing: Advertising, content and Social Media. (Facebook and Twitter being the best examples) 2. Your Website: in this second element, the characteristics of your specific business opportunity translates into benefits for your prospects…Remember that nobody buys something it is, people buy things by…

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Small Businesses

– Register llc residence of one of the founders (individual) – provided and recommended by the Law of Moscow's support for small business. However, this law is at odds with federal legislation that occasionally leads to unpleasant casus (including, albeit rarely, to the refusal of registration). To avoid such troubles registrars recommend to specify the…

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Oleg Bunin Site

On this occasion, remembered another story … Not so long ago in our This conference was held with the participation of Oleg Bunin (it was very interesting). During the lunch break, representatives of our company were at the table with a web-studio (we will not point fingers), and conversation, of course, went on. A young,…

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