Divine Dwelling

That is, we arrive at the conclusion that already we are in the way of a process that we will take our perfect evolutiva capacity unconditionally. But, care for first mistake. We have that humblly to perceive that none of us? none exactly, is at least next to no line of arrival, exactly because it does not exist. The evolution of which we are speaking and for which all we are walking not in the ones of the prominence nor I sanction. It is only one common goal that all we will reach, ones helping the others, without disputes nor privileges to the way of the Divine Dwelling. But, if already we understand that we are only retaking our day, how we can perceiving in them in it? How we will need our way? Which the measure of our performance? Without a doubt that for this walked, that is common to all, we have that to understand that through our experiences only is that we will improve our attitudes.

More still. It is in the true effort in making in them better is that we will reach the minimum condition stops in perceiving citizens to them of ours to walk. thus, exactly when we understand that this to walk is common to any one, we can conclude that we are we are that we trace we choose the steps that will take in them to the ways that we choose. That is, (s) ours (s) life (s) and what we make of it is (they are) product (s) of our choices, and if we live of this or in that way, we will answer only our conscience. However, far from freeing in them, our conscience in the guide, having for base the addition of our choices and attitudes that are anchored in a set of values that we follow and that they are fruits of our moral formation.