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A fingerboard is a table of skate miniature controlled with the fingers of the hand. Fingerboards are usually 96 millimeters long or longer, some reaching the 100 mm of length and width of the table may vary. Some real skateboarding tricks can be performed in the mini-tablas. Lance Mountain helped develop first fingerboards as a…

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Scientific Center

From 8 to 11 June, the city of Malafga will become the national Urology scientific Center, since in his palace of fairs and Congress Center of Malaga you will have place the National Congress LXXVI of Urology. It is noteworthy that this event medical science is this year of special significance, since it coincides with…

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Travel On Easter

Easter of this year 2010 dates are from March 28 Sunday (Domingo de Ramos) until 4 April Sunday (Domingo de Resurreccion). Many families already have their ticket to travel this Easter bridge, other not even raised to go. The beach, the mountains, the people, touring Spain, travel to Europe, know the rest of the world.…

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