River Stones

It was when suddenly the old man began to drop fresh water from the River into the bowl, leaving stunned all children, except one, the young boy who fully trusted in the wisdom of the ancient samurai. That was how the old man managed to pour all the water in the bowl, despite being filled with stones, pebbles and sand. Very quietly as it was his usual feeling, he took seat, occulting the Sun already in the mountains due to the sunset of the day, he began to explain the why of everything. -The Bowl represents the young life. -Stones are all that important to each of you; as it is the family, children, health, friends, love, what excites you. It is that which, even if we lose the rest, would continue filling our lives with paramount.

-The pebbles are the other issues that matter to us; as we work, the House, the study and some other minor things. -The sand is the rest of the small which gives life; in many cases noise that distorts our lives, making us lose attention towards large stones that are our great pillar. If we first put the sand into the container, there would be no space for stones or pebbles. The same applies to life. If we use all our time and energy in the small, we wouldn’t place for what is really important.

Presta attention to what is crucial to your happiness. The first stones Ocupate, what truly you care. You establece your priorities, and fill your Bowl first with large stones; the rest is sand. As imagine the little that did not raise 3 spans of the ground rose suddenly and asked, if I master this so have understood perfectly, that I have no clear all then what does the water represent? The Professor smiled and said: I love to do that small question, I expected it and besides it young samurai. The fresh water from the Creek serves to demonstrate that, even if your life seems full of everything important, there is always a place to let yourself flow depending on the circumstances, you should always grant a small space of time for improvisation, to what you decide to do with your life at that moment. So as the oriental tale ends, lately has been Westernized a little, in that case we end it follows, more according to our proceeding in these times. Instead of spilling water into the container or bowl of wood, what happens if we spill coffee: after having it filled with stones, quijarros and sand; Perhaps the coffee is not very widespread in the East and if in the West. In that case would end as well: and for what spilled coffee wise old samurai? ask the small: small single, say the wise old samurai: coffee, because even if your life seems full of important and large stones, there is always a time or place for a cup of coffee with a friend.