The Property Clerk

Until recently, the training was called “clerk but now he was renamed the real estate and housing finance, on”Real estate clerk”. That makes sense, alone the business card is thus significantly relieved. Still enjoys the training of great popularity. So more training places were provided in the last years. The perspective for the future is rosy, because the real estate industry is constantly on the search for suitable personnel. In particular in Boomstasten such as Berlin, permanently free training and jobs are available. Jobs can be found usually in the following companies: project and real estate project planners, builders, home – and housing administrations, real estate agents, real estate departments of insurance and banking after the completed training which will be completed in equal proportions in the training company and the vocational school, various possibilities of further education are available. So women can training over two years to the certified real estate specialist (IHK) in addition to the job and make then even the real estate economist. For further information and questions in the moderated forum at

Property Ownership

2) Another ground relates to a greater extent the possibility of discharge of the former member of the family without selling the apartment. In accordance with paragraph 4 of Art. 31 LCD Russia, in the event of termination of family relationships with the owner of the premises right to use the living quarters for the former member of the family of the owner of the premises is not preserved, unless otherwise established by agreement between the owner and a former member of his family. For example, the apartment is a one-man property of the wife and husband only registered in a residential area. In a divorce the wife has the right to file a lawsuit demanding the eviction of the former spouse. From the above rule has an exception. Let's wife became the owner of apartments as a result of privatization, while her husband refused to privatization, but at the moment of the title deed had equal rights to use the living room. That is, the wife and husband were tenants, and privatization was the only wife.

In this case, write the husband even after the divorce is impossible. Former spouse retains the right to use the apartment permanently. Even if she would sell the apartment, the husband is entitled to reside in apartment up until not write it down on a voluntary basis. Importantly, the seller must notify the buyer that the house be sold in registered citizens. We had a case where the buyer has bought two-bedroom apartment in St.

Property Prices Increase In Vyatka

(Why 2 years in the Vyatka district center real estate prices have increased by 10 times) "I sell a two-room comfortable flat at 43.3 m three-storey house. 110 000 rubles "…" sale one bedroom apartment arranged … Price 1100 thousand rubles. " These are two ads from one Belokholunitsky regional newspaper. One of them was published in 2005, the year, more – at the end of 2007. The attentive reader can not find ten differences. There is one thing, and importantly, housing prices in White Kholunitsa two years grew at 10 times! Sensation remained in the area unnoticed.

To find out the reasons for this phenomenon, White went to a special correspondent … … In recent months the country has become widely known "Sochi's syndrome", when the announcement of this resort town the capital of the upcoming Olympic Games, and instantly, with several orders of magnitude, increased cost of commercial real estate, housing and land. And (what must admit!) – in Sochi for a deep "fat" the seller of real estate across the country, including several svobodnopraktikuyuschih Kirov Realtors. If in the case of Sochi is clear, then what caused the boom in the White Kholunitsa? By the way, the price of land is also very much increased. If the Olympics in Vyatka outback is not planned, it'll take a look at the root of what is so remarkable could happen two years ago? Factor number 1 in February 2005 here the opening of the sport-tourist complex "Great Field".

Middle Property

And all without the possibility of making any claim, for in doing so, are only negative, resentment, anger and nothing is solved. If you humbly requests that you return the property with two days in advance, then be provided free for two weeks, the wife of a lifelong friend decides he can not stand such humiliation and cut short a twenty-year friendship. If one considers that in defense of privacy does not seem comfortable to pay the private room of marriage, the childhood friend who had asked to go only with the family and appears with twenty friends, anger writhes, possessed of abandons the rage in the middle of the night and ends with friendship, forgetting that the owner always had invited him free considering their precarious economic condition. Bad because it and bad because they do not. Is lost forever with the face or seal.

Whenever one is the villain, HP, damn rich. And the jewel in the crown is the butler. That itself is a breed apart. Because for advantageous and wayward, our peasants. At any time up to, trying to take advantage, thinking that natural is the poor try to take advantage of any price at which they consider to be rich. Without a permit and pay rent the property or the pool when they are satisfied that the owner is not going to go and not accountable. They make very long calls on the phone and make the claim they are angry, tell him starved to one and threaten to leave the property immediately and let stand abandoned for no more humiliation.

Residential Property

Minister of Economy and Finance of Spain, Elena Salgado said that the "stock" of new housing, which lock the revival of the real estate sector, has ceased to grow in the first quarter of 2010 and throughout 2011 and did decrease by 20%. According to the Spanish government "reserve" of unsold new properties of objects at the end of 2009 amounted to 688,044 units, up 12.1% higher than in the preceding him in 2008. A forecast of the next in 2011, this figure drop to 550 000 houses. According to Elena Salgado, this stagnation "reserve" is connected with the demand, which is already "showing signs of revival," is rapidly approaching the total supply of new housing. Analyzing these data, the Minister of Economy and Finance said that further adjustments in housing prices to decrease should be expected. Nevertheless, Elena Salgado, has refused to discuss the statement as to whether prices real estate decline further, to match salaries, as stated by the Minister of Jose Blanco, who had predicted the problems associated with existing "stock" of real estate.

Minister of Economy and Finance noted that now the first time since 2006 there is a pause in the steady growth "stock" of residential property. Builders go on about reducing the "stock" company housing "Gulf Stream" and the site recalls that this stop increase in the existing "stock" of housing has already been predicted by developers who have repeatedly stated that the surplus real estate to increase this year will not be. According to the statistics that were presented representatives of the association of developers of Spain (APCE), reserves" of residential property in the first half even started to decline, from 686 143 sites at the end of 2009 to 685 195 sites in June this year – by 0.1%. In addition, the developers say, that must be borne in mind that this figure also includes those properties for which there is documentation of completion of works (repair, rehabilitation or reconstruction), which now has about 10% of the total. Source: Evrodomik

CMBS Investcap

Investcap advisors releases new commercial property delinquency data for November 2010 November’s CMBS delinquency Council of climbed again after dropping dramatically in October. The November rate reached 8.81%, a. 31% rise over October’s rate. “October’s lower what activity driven primarily by a resolution to the large extended stay portfolio, which we consider anomaly,” states Scott Barrie, managing director of Investcap advisors. Fewer commercial loans were being transferred to special servicers in November, culminating in a 16.7% decrease over prior month activity. The rise of over $2 billion in overall delinquencies continues to be driven by high concentrations in the multi family, office and retail sectors. The 12 month CBMS delinquency ratios are again led by lodging at 15.2% and multi-family at 14.1%. The remaining core property type delinquency ratios are retail 7.5%, office 6.8% and industrial 6.2%.

“We can expect to see continued volatility in the data in coming months as future economic conditions remain uncertain,” explains Barrie. The Investcap advisors CMBS delinquency report is released monthly and created from data on over $695 billion in CMBS loans. About Investcap advisors, LLC Investcap Advisors LLC is a leader in providing market intelligence data and analysis on loans and properties underlying the commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) universe. Using proprietary web-based platforms, LoanAdvisor and CREDatXpress, Investcap advisors provides customers with scalable solutions for valuable insight on commercial loans and their underlying properties. Visit:

Former Property Owners

Tax disadvantage for foreign property owners in selling their homes was illegal. The Spanish Treasury has for years to highly taxed foreigners on the sale of their real estate, this claims in the millions are threatening the State. Tax refunds are citizens from the EU and Switzerland, which have sold a property in Spain between beginning of 1997 and the end of 2006, according to a decision of the European Court of Justice. The Court ruled that the Spanish Government wrongly had taxed the capital gains of non-Spanish, private seller with 35 percent, as Spaniards, however, had to pay just 15 percent tax on the profits of their sales. The different tax treatment for the foreign property owners is discriminatory according to the instance of the EU, therefore, they are entitled to appropriate repayments (court file number C-562/07). The Valencia-based law firm, Costa, Alvarez, Manglano & Associates, which represents the interests of those affected, has for the first 100 European Get citizens, mostly from the UK, already repayments by the Spanish State. A focal point was established in Germany for the German-speaking world. Around 150 000 former property owners, is believed, could have these recoveries.

Average up to 20 000 euros should be refunded. The countdown is running however. Claims must be made within one year after the verdict. Refund requests can be submitted only by mid-November in Spanish courts.

First Luxury Property

Casa Pasiva Mallorca SL Invida WINS as a partner for passive house on Mallorca Santanyi / Mallorca – the passive house manufacturer Casa Pasiva Mallorca SL and the real estate agencies on the Inmobiliaria in Santanyi could design on Mallorca with the high-end premium – real estate sector’s leading technology experts Invida win in the partner of choice for the first Luxusfinca in the past. Sets new standards for Mallorca properties developed by the Casa Pasiva Mallorca luxury estate in S Alqueria already in passive house construction technique. Now, software development for modern Gebaudemanagment as a partner for this ambitious project could be won with the Innsbruck company Invida is also one of the leading manufacturers in Europe in the field. Thus, the Luxusfinca is equipped with a modern Gebaudemanagment which allows about a design touch panel the entire House technology and media to manage and visualize. This innovative technology provides access to all functions of the building from where ever. Spot on touch screen or television, Mobile via PDA or mobile phone, or via the Internet from any computer. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Bill de Blasio. A uing animation with detailed descriptions is in a few days on the website indicated by the Inmobiliaria y Promociones real estate Mallorca made on-line.

Australian Government

Home loans in Australia, purpose of buying property home loans acquired loans for the purpose of buying property. Home loans can be increased by first homeowners, residential rental property and investor. They are defined as mortgages. Australian home loan can be dated back to 1911 when the trans-Tasman neighbors introduced the concept in both New Zealanders and Australians. Over time, major changes to the system and the law of credit and loans. Nearly a wide range of home loan products offered in different situational needs.

It includes major loans Council, standard variable loans, fixed rate debt, interest debt combination, home equity loans and some. Basic loans are essentially designed to provide low interest Council and contains very few features compared to other alternatives. They are very flexible and best suited for borrowers without frills loans. The standard loan variable is a typical home loan of product is extremely flexible. It includes features that enable the borrower to split debt, erase and make loans again attract on additional payment.

The fixed rate loan, the debt service the customers within a certain period of time. This period varies between one and two years. When the deadline expires, the loan you choose a variable rate or may be negotiated for another fixed term. The interest Council are locked in to protect against rising interest Council. Combination rate loans are loans that combine features of both fixed and variable loans. Flexible rate occurs when a is applied to one side and the fixed loan rate therefore applies to the balance. It of the consumers who benefit when a reduction in the interest rate and simultaneously protects the buyer when to increase in interest Council on loans. Home equity loan gives the customer the opportunity to allow traffic access to credit. Customers can borrow against its users at a lower rate than a personal loan. There is therefore a market revolution in Australia home loans and has competition from marketers offer loans of books suitable for the buyer. The Australian home loan market as one of the most competitive both locally and internationally. Home lenders offer different packages to consumers. Home of calendar are close to collapse in the industry exodus of customers and is due to the fact that large banks offer low interest Council for consumers. There are rules which have raised the Australian Government to protect the lenders.

The Property

Already the extinction of the thing and the dispossession are involuntary ways, that is, the proprietor loses the thing for other people’s reasons the will of it. Let us see what it interests in them: LOSS OF THE PROPERTY FOR EXTINCTION: Leaving of estimated that it does not have possibility to exist a Right that does not fall again into an object is applied here the principle of the Roman law? Inexisting the object, the Right inexists. That is, the basic requirement to understand the loss of the property for extinction is the entailing of the Right to the object. In the case of loss of the property for extinction of the thing, we can speak in decurrent extinction of involuntary if resultant act of natural events as earthquakes, rays, fires, or decurrent of voluntary acts as the destruction. Partial extinction: The term most correct when speaking of partial extinction would be Deterioration, that is the same that reduction of the property.

As deterioration example, we can think about a proprietor of a reproductive ox, that is movables, from the moment that the ox not to reproduce more, we consider the deterioration of the thing, therefore it does not lose the thing entire, and alone a quality of the thing. If the ox died, would be extinction of the thing. The total Extinction is loss cause, irreparable loss and definitive of the property, that happens for climatic events, as we speak above, avalanches, earthquakes, tsunamis and etc. We can cite the example of a proprietor of an island and this is shrunk, that is, taken for the sea, thus making it to disappear and its proprietor to lose the power that had on it. We conclude then, the property right falls again on some thing, some good, and inexisting the object, the right inexists that had on it.