United States

A couple of newlyweds, Mickey and Mallory, travels the roads of the United States and kills anyone who comes across their path. They love each other until puppy whining, and despise the rest of humanity. But all good ever so in love and ends separated and thrown into the most horrible prisons, crowded murderers and rapists. Yet a series of bizarre and tragic coincidence gives a couple the chance to be reunited. And they do not they fail to take advantage of them …

Having bought the script through third parties in an unknown seller of video rental store, whose name after a while it became the formula in the film, Stone has opened a Pandora's box. "Natural Born Killers" was so good, so juicy demonstrated the attractiveness of violence that do not fall in love with Mickey and Mallory has not been possible. Sarcasm, the ugly brother of anger, is only good when you did not laugh at the fact that you say. But it is always a chance that it will be unrecognized or insensitive enough blunt talker. It happened with the "Assassins." Oliver Stone has spat in the face of the nation, a nation with pleasure licked. And then izvergnula sonmische Mickey and Mallory new. But we do not deceive you. We do not believe that Mickey and Mallory a happy and loving family, and not let a tear when the evil police be separated them.

This is only a couple of victims of civilization glut oneself Westerns and sitcoms mixed up with cheap melodramas and allowed to freely carry firearms. Mickey and Mallory did not live, not love, just at random after the murder they have clicked in my head switch, and they act out an episode of of a lousy movie, my own blood, let the wind and roll specious veil scandals. This is not a romance, this film does not find a single gasp of admiration, only evil sarcastic laugh. "Natural Born killer "- a terrible social satire without a single positive hero, which can be found even in this genre. And the feeling of disgust Stone pumps are not fake ketchup and rivers scattered limbs. All thing-thing he is doing terrific hands and frighteningly macabre quartet Harrelson – Lewis – Lee Jones – Downey, for the characters that human life has become in the contours of the bodies outlined in chalk on the floor. Learn from the documentary, "Master" slasher.