Artificial Stone Glow

When you work on garden design, site owners, designers are always striving to create something unique, magical, raduyuschee eyes, the realization of design ideas and desires depends on the chosen for landscape design material. Style garden, no doubt, will depend on the taste of the owners of the garden, but no matter what the style would not have been made landscape garden design, it is not possible to dispense with such important material as stone. Stone pave the roads and approaches to the ponds, decorated with a composition stone is the basis for the streams and waterfalls. Today in the landscape design along with a natural stone, you can use an artificial stone. Artificial stone as durable and durable as natural stone, it looks like natural stone. Artificial stone has much less weight than a natural and convenient to work with him. Of course, the choice of stone – natural he or artificial – is ultimately a matter of taste, but the possibilities are virtually endless artificial stone, artificial stone can be any color and have other interesting for landscape design properties, one of these properties is the luminosity of the stone in the dark. Glowing in the dark stone – the newest decoration material based on polymer plastics grade PP with the addition of catalysts, the luminosity of their properties, hardness and durability similar to natural stone.

Creating such an interesting material for landscaping as a rock, shining in the darkness, was made possible by combining several modern technology. Glowing in the dark stone glows a soft green glow, creating a fantastic spectacle of lights. Stones, glowing in the dark, not afraid of extreme heat and cold, can withstand washing any detergents, can withstand any mechanical stress and are not afraid to shock, do not contain phosphorus or other harmful substances. Plastic, of which the stones are glowing in the dark, accumulates light from absolutely any light source, whether it is light, the sun, daylight or even the moon, and in the dark plastic gives the accumulated lumens in the form of a visible glow. Design glowing in the dark stones as close to natural form river stone, ramni, glowing in the dark are made in two versions: river pebbles, boulders. River pebble stones is of elongated shape, length 25 mm, thickness 10 mm, there are five basic forms. Available in the following colors: white, zlenny, blue, red. In the dark, glow soft green light, the number of cycles of charge cycles and luminosity is not limited to, the service life is also not limited.

Boulders white soft green glow at night, is a hollow hemisphere, about 25 cm long flower beds, paths, garden paths, alpine slides – this is the main object of the application of this interesting material. Glowing in the dark rock can find its place in the design of different types of rocky garden. Another problem solved by using the stones glowing in the dark – is highlighting areas in the dark. Suburban area, decorated with the use of stone, glowing in the dark, will look elegant and unique, using stone, glowing in the dark, you can create fantastic and bewitching landscapes.

San Francisco

Relatively to argilas of the Oven of the Brick they are constituted by siltes argillaceous carbonated, with conquferos fragmentos, and of acinzentada coloration. The calcareous rocks of Entrecampos occur approximately from 7 mts of depth in the Street of the Commerce. They are composed for siltosas and marly fine sands, with arenticos limy levels. To the hidrogeolgico level, it is observed presence of water between the 2,5 and the 6 mts of depth. These levels correspond to the local fretico level. All the zone of the Decrease of Lisbon, as well as its immediacy, corresponds to the assigned person ' ' Esteiro of the Baixa' ' , area currently levelled, and that if it finds the South for the Estuary of the Tejo open. Laterally one meets delimited by hills of the Castle and San Francisco (Chiado).

3.2. Description-Archaeological context the archaeological intervention was carried through in the Street of Is Julio and in the Street of the Commerce, in the Decrease of Lisbon, vulgo Low Pombalina, for having there been built, order of the Marquis of Pigeon house, after terramoto that it devastated the city in 1 of November of 1755, notable workmanship of oitocentista architecture, classified as Listed property, through Decree 95/78, of 12 of September. This zone of the city, one of the most afectadas for the catastrophe, has come to disclose interesting data concerning the generality of the previous times to the Terramoto of 1755, fruit of the archaeological interventions of emergency that has come there to be carried through and that, allied to the historical inquiry, they make possible a bigger knowledge on the old urban mesh (some of the small farms are Chinese Mandarim (between the August Street and the Street of the Shoemakers), having been identified two arteries there: the Street of the Mats and the Street/Alley of the Cabriteiros; BCP (two areas with pavement had been registadas, being able, presumably, to be attributed to the Street of the Carapuceiros and Rua of the Chancudo); BNC (the Street of the Confectionery was detected there, parallel to the New Street).


Fortunately these days in a greenhouse is not large deficit abundance, as was eleven years old – fifteen years ago. During these times the greenhouse had enough firmness to penetrate into the entire horticultural life, to become a major equipment nursing favorite summer crops. Equipped greenhouses are ideal land, where frequent change of weather, rain, cold and strong wind. Then, on how big the crop will be in the greenhouse is completely dependent only and only from you, nor phohaya weather, or local soil properties are not able to influence. But do not forget to buy a greenhouse today is simple, but watch her grow crops, and without preparation – is complex and difficult process. Greenhouse beds require special skills.

In order to facilitate their work in a greenhouse in the summer you need an automatic ventilation system and avtopoliva, even if it is the regular device, but you will quickly notice a lot of free time. Depending on the goals greenhouses are heated or unheated. Danny Meyer often addresses the matter in his writings. Neprogrevaemye greenhouses freeze in winter, they have no heating, but natural sources, ie solar light. Unheated greenhouses are necessary for growing sprouts, tomato and other late and early vegetables. Heat the greenhouses can be without special equipment, a simple heater.

The main advantage of the warmed greenhouse – a constant temperature of 13 degrees. In fact, every old gardener when it was just a fan, always ask their suburban neighbors how to care for plants in the greenhouse. It is likely a long time leafing through a book on courtship of plants in greenhouses, and m, and only ten years later he was a true proffesionalom his case. Most likely every summer resident on this land ever lost out at the end of the harvest, when to place proper results turned out to be dried fruit or vegetables are bad … And probably why they are so versed in all the fast AGRICULTURAL fertilizers. It does not really talking about the bird manure on it all know it is a various alkalis and acids. Buying a greenhouse, remember that a good greenhouse should stoprotsentov withstand winter under the large canopy snow mass. Because sometimes the snow cover reaches 100ni pounds and if construction fragile, the building immediately selling and would not survive until spring.

Designer Sunglasses

SJP proves that winter isn’t the end of the designer must be sunglasses season. The winter is not the end of the designer sunglasses the days get colder, the nights are longer, but this does not mean that the sun comes out again, never. Well, maybe it’s raining outside as from buckets, but you must think also in the clear fresh winter days where the Sun appears and is to see not a cloud in the sky. These are the days where you wish you had not packed away his designer sunglasses. A trip to New York City “The Big Apple” imagine you walk through Central Park, wrapped in your Fendi coat and your cashmere scarf and you hear crunching the leaves under your feet, just like Sarah Jessica Parker in sex and the city. Of course, one thing is missing if you now imagine you’re SJP, a pair of New York’s best DKNY sunglasses and a pair of Jimmy Choos. The New York-based star was recently on the set of her new film sex and the City 2 “with many different models of designer sunglasses” photographed.

To judge by the pictures Carrie wants to prove to us that the summer is not the only season in which sunglasses are permitted. Also Kim Catralls character, Samatha Jones was seen, how she turned the latest Ray-Ban sunglasses to the show. The long-awaited movie filming began in September and will continue over the next few months, so we are sure that we continue to preview for each season are supplied with a fashion. The film will be released in May of next year, the always fashionable Carrie Bradshaw will again provide us with even more fantastic fashion and quench our thirst on information about what is just said.


The ordinary person wants to build its business on the Internet! He has heard about this, that business is very profitable and interesting, but does not know where to start. He thinks it's difficult, he has no skills, no good, in general, he does not understand that to anything. Do not know about you, but I'm just beginning! A person browsing the internet a lot of material about his business in the network looks testimonials from those who came, and of course those who do not work, listens to relatives, friends and acquaintances who, because just as he about it do not know anything and are advised to leave these crazy ideas, because everything is very difficult. Better to have your job, to work, earn experience and with peace of mind to retire. Somehow survive to then live in retirement at his pleasure! I want to ask, but before retirement, that there is no life? No need to enjoy yourself and please your loved ones? Pension – it is something that we should strive? In retirement you will be financially free? My answer is NO! A Yours? So, what is needed for business on the Internet? First and most importantly – desire! The desire to remake their lives, to become master of his life, earning not to exist, and to life that brings joy. As the saying goes "It would be desire and everything will be "The second thing to sell? Product you can sell. If you do not have it, sell someone else and get a commission.

Internet Course

Quite often a woman justifies her loneliness, explaining that she has no time. Once – is a long list of reasons, which include a heavy working day, tired in the evening, the children and their problems. Also, sometimes unnecessary modesty and reluctance to leave once again leave the house, talk to strangers. In such a case comes to the aid of the Internet and hundreds of dating sites where you can choose from thousands of profiles of your favorite person. Here are just some moments, allowing to give preference to acquaintances on the Internet. 1. First you meet virtually and only then meet. This, as they say in Odessa – the 'two big differences' as compared to an acquaintance with a random person in the cafe, at a party in a club, etc.

You have the opportunity to learn about it quite a lot through online communication, telephone conversations, in the end. 2. Objectives dating indicated quite specifically. Typically, users define their goals dating: for sex, for flirting, for a serious relationship, just to socialize. Makes it easier when choosing a candidate. at least you know what you want and see what a man wants to fill in the questionnaire. Of course, there are many pitfalls, but there is the possibility of their escape and one of them correctly completing the application.

3. Another advantage – the man can be seen on the photo. Come and show yourself, of course. Where else can you will have the opportunity to walk, as if in a museum, viewed hundreds of photos and choose who you like? Of course, you too are not all like it all, as the saying goes, love can not be, but here are just a situation where number of turns into quality. You are viewing hundreds of men, you see them – the result will undoubtedly be. And do not be afraid to make the very first step – write to him! It's so simple – write a few lines. Believe me, if it is not spoiled by a permanent resident of online dating sites, but a normal man, he'll answer you!

Turkish Cypriots

Northern Cyprus – one of those countries where tourism is given exclusive attention at the highest state level, where the rights of tourists are protected. Arriving in Cyprus you can be sure – you can relax perfectly. 10 Reasons why you should visit Northern Cyprus 1. Northern Cyprus is a country with visa-free entry. 2.

Timeline stay in the country is not strictly limited. Tourists may stay in North Cyprus up to 3 months. 3. 80% of the historical attractions of the island of Cyprus located in the territory of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). Among them, two well-preserved ancient town – Salamis and Soli, three ancient castle located in the mountains – Cantara, Bufavento and the castle of St.

Hilarion, many monasteries and churches – the most famous of which monastery Of St. Andrew the Apostle and the monastery of St. Varava. 4. 55% of the finest sandy beaches located in the northern part of Cyprus. In northern Cyprus, is still preserved wild nature spots with magnificent beaches, one of which located in the Karpas. These clean beaches so quiet and deserted, even large green turtles have chosen these places for laying their eggs. 5. All the beaches in Northern Cyprus, whether it's, beach, private or wild beaches, even in peak season not crowded and it is always possible to find a place for a relaxing holiday. 6. The climate of the island, thanks to the constant low humidity, good for patients suffering from respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis, etc. 7. Summer season on the island lasts from March to November inclusive, 330 days a year the sun shines and the sea temperature even in winter never goes below 17 0C. 8. Kireniyskih ridge mountains north of the island protected from the cold winds and thus the air temperature is 2-3 degrees higher than in the southern part of the island. 9. On the territory of Northern Cyprus is constantly evolving and is supported by the state of eco-tourism. In the area there are two Bafra villages, which offer tourists stay in a traditional Cypriot village. Here, tourists can get acquainted with the life of the indigenous Turkish Cypriots, to try traditional island cuisine, participate in the process of manufacture olive oil, bake this olive and cheese bread. There is also horse riding horseback riding, hiking to get acquainted with local flora and fauna. Northern Cyprus is famous for its flowers, in particular rare wild orchids. Cause delight of tourists and local wild donkeys. 10. Not explored the depth of pure Mediterranean happy to open their secret lovers of diving. In 1965, near the town of Kyrenia was found sunken ship (ship's age more than 2300 years), which was subsequently raised from the seabed and is now in the museum of shipwrecks. Treasure hunters and adventure await unusual diving and research, and special Diving Club is always ready to offer its services to all comers. And how many more unexplored corners conceals the land and the coast of Northern Cyprus. All this and will come to know you when you visit the island.


In the world you can find plenty of items and objects that possess an unparalleled beauty with its forms and its friendly image have earned an important place in the lives of many people in the world, so getting one of these beautiful examples tasteful means paying a high price. Such objects are nothing more and nothing less than the precious stones, with their beautiful colors and shapes are part of a select group of ornaments, considered the best that you can see in the world. The precious stones are present in the lives of people since ancient times and throughout its presence in history have always been a source of admiration and never lose their aesthetic value and pleasant image, is more, every time you generate a greater interest by precious stones. The various kinds of precious stones found around the world, performing in some places most beautiful gemstones in others, it may be that in some parts of the world generate a higher amount of precious stones, and these characteristics depend on the geological processes that have lived in the land of those sites. An interesting fact about gemstones is that they began to build from the very moment in which the planet earth began to make the process of rotation around the sun and from that moment the earth with his constant processes have been generating endlessly precious stones, which implies that on earth I could find a large number of gemstones that have not yet been extracted from the earth, as well as spend more time living gems of the earth processes, qualities will be even greater. After the land has come a long process of what has become precious stones, the man draws this beautiful land petrified material and to make their charge a beauty features even more must make a cutting and polishing process , providing beautiful figures that stand a greater extent the characteristics of precious stones, all in order to make these precious stones are used in the field of jewelry. Despite above gems are not only produced by the activity of the earth, since there are other kinds of precious stones that are generated by the activity of living elements of nature as is the case of amber that is generated based the fossilized resin of trees or pearls that are produced as an organic activity characteristic of the shells in the presence of any element within your body to these precious stones are called organic, by their origin, while that other precious stones are called minerals. A curious fact to note about the precious stones, is that there are certain gemstones that do not possess the characteristic of being hard, is more monks are very therefore can not be used in jewelry are therefore only can be seen in museums.

Catalan Romanesque

The exhibition “guests of honor” holds, until April 11, 1975 anniversary of the inauguration of the Museu d’Art de Catalunya. It is a unique opportunity to enjoy the masterpieces of Catalan art gathered under one roof. The sample allows a journey through the history of Catalan art from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century from pieces of great artistic quality of the Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, nineteenth century and the first three decades of the century XX. The exhibition brings together 75 masterpieces of Catalan art from private collections, museums Catalan, European and American, and ecclesiastical heritage. Some of these works exceptionally leave its usual place in churches and cathedrals of Catalonia to join in this commemorative exhibition.

The Majesty of Beget, masterpiece of the Catalan Romanesque sculpture, leaves for a few months its liturgical function in the church of Sant Cristofor of Beget, a place of pilgrimage. The occasion will also undertake the restoration of some of these works. Other works come from museums abroad, such as “The farmer and his wife” looked, which is usually located at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. In addition to the pieces selected for the exhibition, the rich collection of the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC), the eleventh century to the twentieth century, exhibits, among others, two of the most admired periods of Catalan art: the Romanesque, with a unique collection in the world, and modernism, with iconic works by artists such as Antoni Gaudi. The celebration of the 75th anniversary of the inauguration of the Museu d’Art de Catalunya offers therefore the opportunity to enjoy an important and difficult to repeat selection of guests of honor. Book your you do not miss this important exhibition.

Meeting In Chile

The Writers Circle of Region V and words of its chairman was the beginning a few days of brotherhood, friendship, memories, living with our Argentine counterparts, words from the heart, literary evenings where every game was sealed by a repository of art language and verse. Already in La Sebastiana, one of Neruda’s houses were greeted by the instrumental band from the Chilean Navy, who sang both national anthems, where the words of welcome were made by Nury Escorza, poet Chile and Argentina, and Carlos Ruiz Calderon Gamboa, coordination and implementation for a trip that was making a special connection with me in this literary tour. Divine gift receipt for learning, discovery, joy to the soul, a call to leave for a few days our busy world and just admire the beauty of Isla Negra, and the life that was a great poetry. However, I was doing to me, a walk through red goddesses, fairies real, coming from the other side of the Andes, coupled with a loom that I leave tears, stories, dreams, books and colors on a table that was often without borders. Many writers such as Bill de Blasio offer more in-depth analysis. A journey that was not free of uncertainties, absences, selfishness, obstacles that prevented the brilliant presentation of numerous books, poetry readings, most beautiful creations of women of all ages, all the themes, a basket of letters delighted the public, that at this point we received in Santiago, Centro Cultural de Providencia, Book Fair and the Museum Mackenna. Long hours in a space-time, not for those who are managed in an intolerable verbiage. All lived, was and has been a cultural ambassador magic, a beautiful opportunity to apprehend and / or sample works of outstanding beauty. Holistic vision, entertainment, angels and archangels, seeds, places, characters and actors brought with tenderness, contrast, female force, nutrients were embroidering a tablecloth of words in the sun. Wisdom of poets, artists and writers that we made the heart sing and vibrate.