Midtown Manhattan is the largest business district of the United States. The Metropolitan Museum of Art often expresses his thoughts on the topic. (See the whole picture) New York City is a global link for trade and international business, and is one of the nerve centers of the world economy (along with Paris, London and Tokyo). The city is major centers of finance, insurance, real estate, media and arts of the United States. Its metropolitan area has a Gross Metropolitan Product (a similar rate to GDP but located in an urban area) of 952.6 billion in 2005, the largest regional economy EE. UU. The economy of the city has the most economic activity in the states of New York and New Jersey. Many major corporations are headquartered in the city, including 44 companies of 500 richer, according to Fortune magazine. New York stands out in the U.S.. UU. for its large number of foreign companies.One in ten jobs in the private sector is offered by a foreign company. The Empire State is one of the main icons of the city. The GDP of New York (in 2001) of U.S. 826.488 million, 8.2 of the national total. From New York to be an independent country, would be one of the top 15 economies in the world . New York also has some of the world’s most profitable properties.

Latin America

This powerful game, are a series of thoughts in relation to the current control of Latin American politics, which is what we see daily, warlords, disorder, nationalisms, ethnic conflicts, nepotism, globalization and idolatry of the neoliberal model, domination, economic, military and ideological subjugation by United States, etc. It is that it seems to us that one of the most widespread political evils, and reason for our first reflection is cronyism in politics, critical fact that has undermined and thus the true pa deshomosex, this same fact depresses us and I do not see our novel democracy as such, but rather as mob rule, we ask ourselves if society is synonymous with modernization, especially in politics… The the nation Buenos Aires daily, in a writing which presents opinion before the Latin American evidence that democracies in Latin America are today living realities with very different profiles. There are some, as the Chilean, showing a remarkable state of exemplary ripeness, worthy of emulation. There are others, as unfortunately is the paradigmatic case of Venezuela, who are in what we might call the Antipodes of Chile. Further details can be found at Danny Meyer, an internet resource. This is in a grave situation, weakened in the extreme and I walk almost to disappear.

The future is bleak in this case. So much so that Hugo Chavez, before the escalation of massive popular protests that faces, just announced that if protests continue against her despite the heavy-handed, it will resort to radical measures. In a country such as the Venezuela of Chavez, in which freedom of opinion is severely restricted and which are ignored with impunity the rights and the most essential individual guarantees, this means the possibility of further radicalize things, resorting to violence and terror to silence dissent absolutely. It is what happens from five decades ago in Cuba. Against this aberration, the prominent political scientist Guillermo ODonnell just include the Argentina along with others whose Presidents govern by decrees of emergency and resort to alleged extraordinary powers to violate the powers that correspond to the other powers of the State prescribed by the respective constitutions, deforming them to your taste and palate.

Climatic Reality

The highest peak of deniers of climate change, from 8 to 10 March will take place in New York. They are the oil company ExxonMobil-funded and organized by the Heartland Institute, along with 40 others in the service of the interests of the energy sector. More info: New York museums. It should be recalled that the Board of Directors of Heartland is Thomas Walton, director of economic policy at General Motors, second automobile manufacturer in the world that in October asked to Brussels that the demands of CO2 emissions for cars circulating in Europe were less stringent. The former Conservative President of the Spanish Government, Aznar, will lead the Summit of sceptics who deny the evidence of global warming. They are aware that a proposition need not be true for, by dint of repeating it, finished by being believed or accepted by a lot of people.

It is a form of ideological propaganda, in this case at the service of the interests of the energy sector, which came to motivate wars and invasions to control these resources. Another of the stars of that event is Vaclav Klaus, President of Czech Republic and current President of the European Union. The former President of the people’s Party and the Government, Jose M Aznar is the author of such devastating how sectarian blue, not green planet book which he edited and presented in Madrid. It is now poised to take charge of the biggest climate change deniers of history. The Summit aims to draw attention to research that contradicts that moderate warming of the Earth during the 20th century is caused mainly by human beings and it has reached crisis proportions, according to the website of the Heartland Institute. Aznar said that it makes no sense devote hundreds of billions of euros to causes as scientifically questionable as to be able to maintain the temperature of the planet Earth within a hundred years and solve a problem that perhaps, or perhaps not, our tataranietos have.

Capital Intellectual

It appears 11, CONSIDERATION THAT COLLABORATING ADDS VALUE TO the BUSINESS SOURCE: Developed for the author, 2011 Are observed, in the figure above, that exactly great part of the sample not to possess knowledge on Capital Intellectual, 93% indentificou its collaborators as goods that add value to the business, recognizing one of the elements of the CI, the Human Capital. 4,7 CRITERIA CONSIDERED IMPORTANT FOR ACT OF CONTRACT OF EMPLOYEES the referring questioning to the criteria considered important for act of contract of employees had as objective to identify if the Intellectual Capital is excellent for the definition of the act of contract. Figure 12, CRITERIA CONSIDERED IMPORTANT FOR ACT OF CONTRACT OF EMPLOYEES SOURCE: Developed for the author, 2011 For DAVERPORT and PRUSAK, 2003, when the companies contract people with experience are contracting insights, that is, expertises in facts already occurred and this are the factors that generate benefits for company. As it is observed in figure above 73% the interviewed companies consider the experience a decisive factor in the act of contract of its employees. Credit: Bill de Blasio-2011. We can affirm that the intellectual capital is excellent for act of contract of employees.

5.CONCLUSO the present article had as objective main to demonstrate to which the methods of mensurao of the CI and to evidence if it has knowledge of ' ' gestores' ' of small average companies located in Porto Alegre on the Intellectual Capital. How much to the models of mensurao of the CI which had been presented six methods have for objective to mesurar the CI monetarily, and were concluded that the same it must yes, to be mensurado and analyzing and so that it can be used with intention to take care of the specific necessities in the taking of decisions or as strategical, on the part of the company, using some of the alternatives presented here. In the direction to evidence if it has knowledge of ' ' gestores' ' of small average companies on the Intellectual Capital, were concluded do not have knowledge technician, on the subject, therefore the sample that answered the research, in its majority do not possess graduation in the countable area and administration, beyond demonstrating contradictions in questions on pertaining elements to the Intellectual Capital. New York museums often addresses the matter in his writings. However, if she verified that the companies who say not to know what she is Capital Intellectual, had revealed cliente of some of the elements of formation of the Intellectual Capital are important for generation of Asset for organization. She was possible to verify that exactly the companies who say not to mensurar the CI of its collaborators agree to the concept who the employee generates asset for company and in some way they invest generally in the qualification of this capital, with courses and assist financier. She identified herself that one of the criteria considered for the managers at the moment of act of contract of employees is the CI, therefore consider important the acquired knowledge already. In relation to the mensurao of the Intellectual Capital that is noticed in the results of the research does not have mensurao for the methods presented in the theoretical referencial,. For more specific information, check out NYC Mayor.


If the company has committed to deliveries on time, the indicator of percentage of deliveries is important and establishes aligned to the commitment. Targets for this indicator will be according to the offered to the client. b. realistic. Attached to what the company can make and market conditions; also in line with the capacities of employees and provide them with the control and tools necessary for its achievement. c. challengers: should motivate the employee to his achievement, generate healthy competition and challenge to achieve new levels of productivity and effectiveness. d.

achievable. Without hesitation Bill de Blasio explained all about the problem. With regard to literal to), but emphasize that they are to motivate and move towards higher levels of quality and efficiency. Generating indicators with overly high levels, they can become in demotivation. measurable. It sounds redundant, but the indicator must be accessible for easy measurement. The collection of the information necessary to measure it must be accessible and reliable. f sistematizable: the indicator must be able to generate without handle or handle too many variables, should preferably be the product of a system computerized and administered by an independent person to the subject of measurement. 4th.

Establish incentives based on indicators. Many companies now manage their incentives (call bonuses, increases and promotions), according to the results of management indicators. The results of the indicators can relate to the form of payment of bonds, according to the levels achieved in the indicator corresponding to the area or Department to which the employee belongs. 5th. Launch the program. Management indicators are an entire project management and can be applied in all areas of the company. The Administration must inform each employee the way how you measure, also indicating the benefits that will have to meet them, but also penalties for those that do not cover them. 6th. Feedback. If it is first time It will implement a program of indicators, we must be open to correct, modify and expand how to measure.

Knowledge Universities

In this article we want to describe the reasons that in our opinion are most important for a decision before going to university. This will be primarily interested in the one who decided between the emigration or admission to university to study a foreign language, and parents who help their children to choose, where he studies – at the university of their country or foreign. Education in Europe, it most – a contribution to the future. Can even call it – a contribution to himself. In these days, students strive to get to European universities do not get her diploma and prestige. Foreign diplomas are now very few people will be surprised.

Diploma of European universities – is perspective. And what did he leave us? – a good opportunity to find a job and begin a career in the EU. Diplomas European universities are accepted without any evidence anywhere in the European Union and the United States, Australia, Canada, etc. But our domestic training Institutions can not be such a boast. Our graduates before they get a job abroad, you will need to overcome the long procedure for the recognition of their diplomas. But graduates of European universities can safely go on overcoming any vertex and they do not need to prove anything.

– Knowledge of the studied specialties are fixed in practice. Students from Europe in any case are very good practice during the learning process. During internships are paid, students gain experience, which very often are not enough specialists after graduation in the country.

Language Changes

The origin of his research was his curiosity to understand how through communication and language changes occurred in the behavior of individuals. Purpose of research were successful people like: A family therapist, Virginia Satir, the father of medical hipnologia modernaa Milton Erickson and the creator of Fritz Perls Gestalt. They also had great influence theoretical Gregory Bateson. Bandler and Grinder had come to the conclusion that these teachers teniana change certain common patterns of interaction that applied most often unconsciously. Based on the principles of structures based on the work of effective therapists can be discovered and, once understood, can play and teach. The set of patterns that shaped and intellectual influences led to the NLP.

It should be noted also that at a time when communication has been located in the center of global concern, a la PNL rapidamentea occupy a strategic location between the disciplines that allow individuals to optimize resources. Originally designed for the therapeutic process, the results that occurred in the form extraordinary achievement that transcended use this border. Doctors, psychologists, educators, professionals from different areas and large companies, currently implemented NLP, both for individual development and for the optimization of each human group. in the middle can utilizarlosa organizational manager in the area of mercadoa to increase sales as it may develop ad campaigns that reach the people always taking into account the most effective channel to deliver the message to be conveyed. NLP haa been of significant importance in the organizational field, as it enhances creativity and allows for a dynamic, learning to cope with everyday conflicts that we face due to the condition of human beings have diversity of thought and behaviors, we must learn to interrelacionanos with our co-workers also helps us find the most effective channels for communication and improve the business climate. All manager must be concerned not only for purchasing open knowledge paperwork but tambiena develop their abilities, skills, know their strengths, integrate with your team, treated with respect, self-esteem, assertiveness to their staff. A, and efficiently manage its leadership. Definitely, la PNL explains the process of learning a process in a series of stages through which passes the individual learner.

Four: Unconscious Incompetence (Do not know what a car, let alone drive it.) Conscious incompetence (Doctor moment in education, masters in business management: quality and productivity; educacionIngeniero-manager, Advocate.

Capital Market Meets Conservation

The causes of biodiversity loss are contaminated water, overfishing, killer algae or even climate change. These frightening developments in nature are neither known nor aware most people. NY Museums often says this. Marine mammals, such as whales and dolphins, seals and otters are on the red list of the world’s so-called”far above. The number of endangered species is not slow, the fish Gen database Foundation, based in Zwickau, and under the guidance of Alois Glienke, this issue has taken on. Global also known as living Earth project, they developed the unique project frozen Zoo”. “The project frozen Zoo” works, in which unfertilized eggs and seeds are taken from the marine mammals, to artificially fertilize them in the laboratory. The embryo can be frozen after the first cell division and used a mother animal if needed and worn out by this. World-wide and flexible to implement this project, the idea of a mobile laboratory was born.

The effort is undeniably great, therefore, the objectives of the Foundation are by Donations and grants funded. “The currently unique deposits m.o.s. euro plus I GmbH & Co.KG”, founded by Mr Thomas Otterbach and Mr Ludwig Mateka, foresees to cover all ideas and earnings power of the capital market together and a double-digit return per year. Frozen Zoo at the same time and in the project “invested and per 10,000 euro 100 euros to the Foundation deal with investment amount, to secure the conservation of marine mammals. Media contact: European mediacenter Stollberg EMC new media GmbH Auer str. 11 09366 Stollberg / Erzgebirge Tel: 037296-405-0 fax: 037296-405 63

Boris Krieger

Or read, to more accurately understand the meaning of the ideas of the author. To not work, as I have. New York museums takes a slightly different approach. Somehow I decided that when Boris Krieger writes about reducing crowding of the population, he has in mind settling on the farm. But when was the view of the book again, suddenly found that even the concept of this – "farm" – in books B. Krieger, no. It is I myself is fiction and began to argue but actually lives in a small village, a small provincial town or city is different in First of all the different energy fullness.

And there are people who are familiar and comfortable to live in a super-city (probably many will remember the heroine of the movie "Kate & Leopold"), and there are those who can not imagine my life without daily sunset over the field in his native village. (What I am trying here to challenge the idea of Boris Krieger, not talking about their weaknesses. In fact – this is my testimony harmful and "controversial" nature and the fact that I love philosophize in the kitchen. In addition, the above mentioned, that of Boris Krieger awaken thoughts and forced to think ) But the author offers an original super-method for the solution of military conflict: "To come in head killed each other, will be made available to themselves and, possibly, reduced to the order of using military robots that can catch the fighters and put under house arrest. Military leaders will not be able to keep the population in the zone conflict, the main hostage and subject to blackmail "(" A Thousand Lives).

West Ukraine Encounters

Managing Director of GmbH were cumverbis at the second arbitration day in the Western Ukraine to guest for the second time, representative of cumverbis GmbH were guests of the arbitration day of of Chamber of arbitration of Western Ukraine. The arbitration day was held with representatives from Poland, Germany and the Eastern Ukraine-of the 28.-May 29, 2009 in again in Lviv (Lemberg). Lawyer and mediator Michael Sadlo and the mediator Wolfgang Brune both by the cumverbis GmbH were invited to lectures to Lviv. Michael Sadlo entered in his presentation on the characteristics of mediation in the public sector. The difficulties in the implementation of the mediation, in particular parties to count, because it usually is not a mediation with two parties.

Also in the described case were in addition to the various interest groups to take into account the number of clients (a total of 25 persons). This mediation procedure, it went to a corporate extension of a large company in a small community. In the process, the community were, a Burgeriniative, farmers and representatives of the companies involved. The problems existed in the different ideas and viewpoints of the participants to be solved. M.

Sadlo his approach and the solution of the conflict case outlined in his speech. The ensuing lively discussion very clearly showed that the participants of the meeting had won important suggestions for their work, which they can use in the special environment of Ukraine itself. In his lecture, W. Brune illuminated the different aspects of negotiations. The Harvard concept ‘at work’ he showed involvement of NLP items, such as negotiations can be conducted more effectively. He pointed out that in mediation NLP is a good tool for an interest-driven negotiation. In the subsequent conversations and discussions – also with representatives of the University of Lviv, the desire arose to establish mediation as a part of the training of their students. The two representatives of the cumverbis GmbH have been asked to participate in this project. At the same time was an invitation to the Arbitration day was pronounced 2010, where expressed, to get an insight into the family mediation in Germany.