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Can he combine the offline and online operations, use radiation effects for new listings or Web-based design processes. KUHN specialists offer a current practice solution, which can be realized by the idea of a new point of sales or Filialformats until down to the economic evidence of the investment includes all tasks and, if desired, as instructed, with own resources in the respective Contracting Authority for chain stores ( Starting from market research market potential and customer profiles identified in accordance with the competition. The basis on the one hand to the Improvement of the Filialhandels marketing tools on the other hand, the development base for new sales formats. The result of the optimization can be used immediately of sales (POS) for a feasibility study for existing point. oQ%3d%3d’>Kevin Ulrich. Then, the results to the Central functional areas expansion or article development, POS-marketing, purchasing, logistics and sales can be submit so that employees workplace related and can work without delay. The solution refines current knowledge to decision-relevant information.

This one has access to the most important information for any stationary branch or customers immediately. On the question which under – or over-supplied areas exist in the branch network?”Gets a decision-making aid for the optimization of the site the user at the same time. Overlap areas can be determined for different networks. Catchment areas can be defined individually and exactly. Any cannibalization from the combination of on – and offline business arising, transparent.

The sales utilizing the full potential and the penetration index can be calculated by integrating customer data. Lifestyle data allow statements about the structure of the customer and potential credit risks down to street level ( Virtual and mobile point of sale of stationary images can or be reversed. They are associated with the back-end systems of the point of sale marketing, of goods and financial services, and logistics. A potential Internet users receives a read light, not overburdened guidance, on the screen to learn about the offer, to shop or to visit the nearest branch in the eye. Consumer mobile want to meet your needs, the Kuhn solution allows sales via mobile devices such as Smartphones. Instead of in your wallet cumbersome for cash or plastic card to dig, the customer shall his cell phone simply at the payment terminal of the Filialasse. The phone display shows the sum to be paid, the customer must only purchase via Press confirm – done. Interested, but mostly young customers already use this type of paying, as a mobility Assistant for their mobile shopping planning. The chain can, for example, a Smartphone as a information terminal”acknowledge his achievements spreading loss-free and customized known to make or to invite them to special events. Use for chain stores who benefits is the solution, that decisions are better supported, costs, and productivity more quickly matched with the proceeds be online as offline. Thus the prerequisite for an efficient farming is given the point of sales in the multichannel distribution with all information relevant to the Filialsystemerfolg. Branches have the browser access to management data such as sales, inventory / envelope, sales deductions, news – and action business or cost – and performance results from the Filialvergleich etc. Previous Printinformationen of the control panel can be seamlessly in the filialsystemeigene translate digitized intranet. Decentralised and centralised functions can mostly virtually instead of as so far only physically exist. Also very different and new ideas of a fastest can target-oriented with the Kuhn solution materialize.