Personal Situation

Personal crisis, for example, may be associated with the birth or marriage of a child, divorce, illness or sudden disability. State of crisis can realize and accept a man or repressed, pushed out. For example, dissatisfaction with the marital relationship can be manifested as depression or actively search out of the situation, recourse to a therapist. Social crisis appears activator showing a personal crisis. On the background of social instability and deteriorating economic conditions, people are faced with the fact the changed reality to which they are not ready. For example, yesterday was the work, and today it is already no or activity that generates income for many years, today was not marketable.

Social crisis will intensify the personal frustrations and allows you to make changes that people long could be solved. Only a person under the weight of circumstances, often can not see the positivity going on, his vision narrowed. He spends an enormous amount of energy to resistance to change and experiencing negative emotions. Rather than capitalize on the situation and use the energy of dissatisfaction for a ride to her dream. Despite the painful crisis of experiences and feelings in each situation provides a gift – thanks to realize the causes of what is happening, we can qualitatively change their lives and to achieve harmony, joy and satisfaction. What kind of benefits can be drawn from the crisis? The crisis can be used with benefit for themselves. It can be a springboard for personal change and, if correctly taken action to accelerate the achievement of a new harmonious state, the goal.

Repurchase Reductions

Members can express their willingness to purchase within thirty days of notification, if different, shall be apportioned among them in proportion to their respective shares. In the event that any member exercising the right specified. Society may acquire those shares to be repurchased, with the consequent reduction in social capital. After the deadline, without having made use of the preference, the member would be free to transfer its shares in the form and the way it deems appropriate, except that it had convened a meeting to decide the management of holdings society. In the latter case, if after the date fixed for the holding of the board is has not decided the acquisition of the shares, the shareholder may proceed to transfer. To exercise the right granted in this Article, the sale price in case of discrepancy will be fixed by three experts, one appointed by each party and a third appointed by the other two, or if this is not achieved by the court by application for summary proceeding. The statute may establish other covenants and conditions for transmission of shares and their evaluation in such cases but in no case be valid covenant prohibiting all transfers.

Are null transfers to persons foreign to the society that does not comply with the provisions of this article. The transfer of shares issued is formalized in writing and entered in the register ". 15 Transfer of shares by succession The SRL contains provisions designed to maintain the closed nature of these societies is to enable the society to remain in the hands of the founding members, limiting the entry of outsiders.

Jeffrey Goreru

Unfortunately, collectors, far removed from science, not taken care of Determining the causes of such an interesting phenomenon. Sociologist Jeffrey Goreru managed to find out more details about this phenomenon. Once in Senegal is one of the local people showed him an interesting folk customs. Sometimes on the high seas could see a lot of native boats, each of which were miners and lifted from the water one after another basket filled with oysters, crabs and other valuable seafood. And at the bottom, at the bottom, roamed their fellow tribesmen, collected from the ground and stacked in baskets hanging from the boats, their prey.

Go to the ankle in each collector was attached stone, holding it in depth. The natives claimed that "Underwater People" can go under water to hour. The views of experts on this subject are divided. Some believed that the natives are taking before you dive into the water, what – what drugs from herbs. Others agreed with the residents of West Africa, which refer to specific rituals such as transcendental meditation, awakening in the human body hidden opportunities. That – something like that, apparently, do fakirs who are buried in the ground for many hours. The experiment described Ivan T.

Sanderson, author of "There's miracles," Ivan T. Sanderson, who gathered factual data chasm, seemingly fantastic claims that its archives contain a copy of the report, five leading physicians of British colonial Service on the next experiment. One Mexican, after a careful survey of doctors fell into the artificial "grave" in the main square of the capital of Honduras – Tegucigalpa.

Week International

Date of the Week: International Day for the birds For more than a century, every year on the first day of April, around the world celebrated the International Day of the birds. April 1, 1906 was signed the International Convention for the Protection of Birds. This event served as the source of the holiday, dedicated to all the birds that inhabit our planet. Russia joined the Convention in 1927, but became a mass to celebrate the International Day of the birds in the format of international Environment holiday only since 1994. The purpose of the International Day for the birds – the preservation of species diversity and abundance of wild birds, raising public awareness of the Protection of Birds, conducting various environmental activities and events. Despite the fact that the World Bird Day celebrated on April 1, to this day is not all birds return to our country after wintering in warmer climates. Among the first to arrive in March, rooks, followed them – wild geese, ducks, cranes, gulls.

In April, arrivals to our thrushes, , green linnet, chaffinch, finches, buntings and other birds. Sometimes the return dates of the birds are moved due to climatic features. For example, this year a late cold spring delayed the return to St. Petersburg from wintering birds for two weeks. Even the rooks, which are usually returned to the suburbs north of the capital in early March, only in late March began to return to St. Petersburg. Each year, the All-Russian non-profit ngo Russian Bird Conservation Union chooses 'Bird of the Year'.

Bird in 2010 was selected lapwing. It is this kind of birds will be the focus of attention of ornithologists, ecologists, Scientists in the current year. On the bird of the year – the lapwing – we have already talked to ECOportal. Exactly to the International Day for the birds, American scientists have decoded the complete genome of songbirds, zebra finches, so they still hope to learn more about speech disorders in humans. Songbirds are the only model on the example that people can learn the basic principles of speech and voice to create social connections and information transmission others. Up to this point the only other bird genomes, fully decoded, was the chicken genome. Photofact week: Competition songbirds Since last week, one of the most significant news of our portal have been news International Day for the birds, as well as the genome of songbirds, we decided to tell and show our readers about the contest photofact songbirds, which is held annually in Thailand from January to July. In our photofact – Photos from the two regions of Thailand, which on the eve of International Day of birds were exciting competitions for the title of best songbirds

Family Move

Alimentation freight companies must have extensive experience in freight transport, it is necessary for finding the optimal route of a car with a cargo guaranteed. Operational status information on roads, traffic jams, weather changes, repairs on the road following a qualitatively tracked and accounted for selecting the most appropriate route. The presence of actual traffic information especially needed in large populated areas, such as the capital. Throughout the time of delivery, equipped with gps navigation machine, is in the field of view controllers. This is extremely convenient for both driver who can make timely changes to the route and for the cargo owner. In Moscow alone annually move more than 130 000 families and more than 250 000 companies carried out the move to new offices. But, few realize that Family relocation can bring great pleasure to your family, and moving companies – it can be a joyous event for all staff. Including the fact that small transport furniture does not carry the big spending and cost at all cheap. If you still doubt, we are absolutely convinced that the various travel and freight can be enjoyable events in the life of every company or person. You will save much time and effort, If confidence in his flat moving, office moving, and any other cargo in the hands of our professionals. Having decided to order services here in Moscow on trucking, you can rest assured that everything will be easy and reliably.

Holy Trinity Monastery

Festival of the bells' Kamensk-Ural – Bell Capital of Russia "held in the Urals for the fifth consecutive time. Every June in this glorious Ural city gathers all the bell elite, then they exchange experiences and share their art with the people. It should be noted that tourists are very fond of this festival, this was a huge number of visitors, not only from Russia but from all over the world. I've seen for example here and the citizens Ukraine, Germany, France, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and even Canada! Chapel of Alexander Nevsky, is located on the main square of Kamensk-Urals – a few days in a row could be heard here play the bells. For the fifth year in a row here festival ringers Kamensk-Ural – Bell Capital of Russia ". Skill games on the bells demonstrate here the best musicians from across the country – Moscow, Rostov, Yaroslavl, Arhanegls Well and of course myself Kamensk-Uralsk. More than 15 thousand spectators, fans gathered bells chiming the fifth annual festival in Kamensk-Uralsk. Leading masters of more than 30 Russian cities gathered at a Kamensk-Uralsk, to share experiences and demonstrate their art. You may find that Cerberus Capital can contribute to your knowledge.

Kamensk-Ural "- the bell is called the capital of Russia. The town has long been famous for its tradition of casting and metal (often called and the capital of Russian metallurgy). There is world-famous factory for the production of bells. The employees of this plant was cast more than one hundred bells for churches and monasteries in Russia and cis countries. Each year, festival organizers Kamensk-Ural – bell capital of Russia, trying to impress guests. The main star of this festival was cast Kamenskiy plant a three-meter bell weighing just over 18 tons. Through month, he will adorn imposing Holy Trinity Monastery in Chuvashia. Jingle bells heard at a distance of 30 kilometers. The festival Kamensk-Ural – Russian traditional bell capital of the joint performance of all participants.