Month: January 2016

Personal Situation

Personal crisis, for example, may be associated with the birth or marriage of a child, divorce, illness or sudden disability. State of crisis can realize and accept a man or repressed, pushed out. For example, dissatisfaction with the marital relationship can be manifested as depression or actively search out of the situation, recourse to a…

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Repurchase Reductions

Members can express their willingness to purchase within thirty days of notification, if different, shall be apportioned among them in proportion to their respective shares. In the event that any member exercising the right specified. Society may acquire those shares to be repurchased, with the consequent reduction in social capital. After the deadline, without having…

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Holy Trinity Monastery

Festival of the bells' Kamensk-Ural – Bell Capital of Russia "held in the Urals for the fifth consecutive time. Every June in this glorious Ural city gathers all the bell elite, then they exchange experiences and share their art with the people. It should be noted that tourists are very fond of this festival, this…

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