Personal Situation

Personal crisis, for example, may be associated with the birth or marriage of a child, divorce, illness or sudden disability. State of crisis can realize and accept a man or repressed, pushed out. For example, dissatisfaction with the marital relationship can be manifested as depression or actively search out of the situation, recourse to a therapist. Social crisis appears activator showing a personal crisis. On the background of social instability and deteriorating economic conditions, people are faced with the fact the changed reality to which they are not ready. For example, yesterday was the work, and today it is already no or activity that generates income for many years, today was not marketable.

Social crisis will intensify the personal frustrations and allows you to make changes that people long could be solved. Only a person under the weight of circumstances, often can not see the positivity going on, his vision narrowed. He spends an enormous amount of energy to resistance to change and experiencing negative emotions. Rather than capitalize on the situation and use the energy of dissatisfaction for a ride to her dream. Despite the painful crisis of experiences and feelings in each situation provides a gift – thanks to realize the causes of what is happening, we can qualitatively change their lives and to achieve harmony, joy and satisfaction. What kind of benefits can be drawn from the crisis? The crisis can be used with benefit for themselves. It can be a springboard for personal change and, if correctly taken action to accelerate the achievement of a new harmonious state, the goal.