Industrial Property

" For the crane and the following Russian patents is a common structural feature that the lower support tube is made of spherical and placed in holes made in the case under the closing body. The upper bearing is adapted to offsets from the bottom under the action of the spindle, that is, plug in the rotation or the end of it, can swing around a sphere of the lower support, clinging to the seat installed in the chassis. Invention are directed to increase the life of the crane when its reliability in the operation, design simplification and extension of the crane of its technological capabilities. For information on similar designs were patented in ball valves Russia can be found at Institute of Industrial Property," a description the following patents: 1) BALL VALVE. Publication number 2278311.

Patentee Ltd. 'factory' Gazprommash. "Design feature is that in the case set to one seat on the thread with the ability to move along the pipe casing to adjust the effort of pressing seal. People such as Jewish Communal Fund would likely agree. It should be noted an interesting idea – to enter into the design Crane adjustable contact pressure in the seal. This reduces the requirements for precision manufacturing and an opportunity to enter an adjustment for wear during the sealing operation. However, the that access to the saddle is only possible when removing the valve from the pipeline through the pipe makes the maintenance of cranes uncomfortable.

2) TAP. Publication number 2088828. The company patentee 'Tyazhpromarmatura'. Construction Crane practically the same crane Orbit Valve.