Managing Director

In this design, design and content were perfectly matched. So it went on the first day in the communications arena about the hell of meeting the meeting of heaven and the second day in the open room-in-room installations. With the venues of old pawnshop, Rheinloft Cologne, exquisite, design quarter field of honour and the New Yorker. DOCK.The MICE Club five exciting event and off locations, which were sometimes even the present Cologne unknown recorded ONE. Key content elements were three compact Themenclouds meeting architecture”, themed destination? Themed venues”and be here? Be now”and two so-called MICE Labs”? thematically structured supplier presentations with interactive sessions. This rather untypical for traditional conferences work in small groups came in the buyers good at: MICE Labs, the ice between the participants was broken in a playful way. We could us a self-organised and determine the substantive direction.

Thus an interaction which actually went up on our current requirements”, said Stefan Blasius, who was marketing and more on the ground as a freelance Project Manager event on behalf of the Agency. Workshop atmosphere instead of spraying a load-bearing element of MICE club concept was the active involvement of the participants. You were asked to actively participate in the proposed content and tools, and to assess. So two different networking and matchmaking methods have been tried, for example, in the labs of the MICE. While a methodically highly structured and guided by questions variant among the participants was great approval, was a more open, more random child version of the participants less positively. Showed the Themencloud themed destination that substantive participation in large groups can work? Themed venues”by Rolf Gruber and URS Seiler. So the desire of the participants expressed the day before was picked up after editing a specific case example unceremoniously on the following day.

Manu Jebram, Managing Director of the Hamburg-based agency of kuk live GmbH, summed up: the MICE Club has kept his promise to offer a completely new format. Has me convinced about, that the architecture of meeting themed on the first day was made immediately tangible. Especially the second day has me brought further content. “I personally have an event of this type not seen so and can really recommend the event.” MICE Club? The entire meeting architecture was 365 days online network supported by the special MICE Club app. These served not only to the General networking, but was targeted during the entire event to the control of the working groups and to the participation of matchmaking. The innovative tool goes hand in hand with the online portal of the MICE clubs, which the industry throughout the year a news magazine with daily industry news, special reports, industry events and Opinion articles and provides a comprehensive directory of providers with innovative search mechanism. In a password-protected area of the Club for MICE Club members it also valuable functions can provide, including a sectoral contact network, planning AIDS for daily work, interesting added value tools like about a viable legal initial assessment a specialist law firm, as well as free subscriptions of leading journals. Participants of MICE Club events are automatically members for a year. Interested parties were not at its debut in Cologne, can register directly at.

Butler Collection

Art, history and aesthetics of China newly discovered the Butler family collection is the world’s largest collection of Chinese porcelain of the 17th century. The private collection was founded by the British in the 1970s in the life of Sir Michael Butler. Initially, the focus of looking at porcelain was pieces from the period 1500-1740. Later shifted the focus of the collection on the so-called transitional period between the end of the Ming dynasty around 1620 and the beginning of the Qing dynasty to 1683th members of the Butler family are today respected experts in the field of historical Chinese porcelain. The renowned collection has today largest value in the historical, cultural and artistic context. Therefore the collection is issued already in many museums around the world, including in the V & A London, Shanghai and the Frick, New York. The importance of porcelain from China as the country of origin of the material resulted mainly from centuries of imports. The Dutch and British, from the 17th century the supremacy in the East India trade could claim brought the goods on the European mainland.

Henceforth, the Chinese porcelain, not only use dishes, both exceptional decoration settled the European noble courts. Especially the blue and white wares played an important role in this area. Accordingly, the importance of traditional Chinese porcelain is exceptionally large today. The motives of the Chinese porcelain art weddings enjoyed popular again today. Go hand in hand with the trend of the reflection on Asian art and cultural heritage. Konitz has managed to bring 7 selected motifs of the famous Butler collection on cups made of fine bone China porcelain. Thus, the company combines traditional motifs, colors and materials with modern forms and production techniques. This symbiosis leads to a revival of the aesthetic perception of porcelain and brings them into the domestic kitchens. Contact: Konitz porcelain shop Bettina Siebert shop management-August-Bebel-Strasse 27 b 07743 Jena Tel.: 03641 / 3105976

Nuclear Waste

jpg” border=”0″ align=”right” hspace=”10″ vspace=”10″> See also: Nuclear Waste, Nuclear Reprocessing and Transmutation
Vitrification of nuclear waste after reprocessing.
In general, any industrial waste generated. All forms of nuclear power generation also generate them. Both nuclear reactors fission or fusion (when they come household into operation) and the conventional GTR waste (garbage, for example from the food for the workers) is taken to landfills or recycling facilities, conventional toxic waste (batteries , liquid cooling of power transformers, etc..) New York City and radioactive waste. Treating them all, with the exception of radioactive waste, is identical to that given to the same type of waste generated in other places (industrial plants, cities ,…).
It’s different treatment that is used in radioactive waste. the only way to save on your energy costs if you maintain the same style of life is to join that has made all the difference For them, development is a specific regulation, managed in different ways depending on the type of radiation Brooklyn emitted and the half period they have. This regulation covers all radioactive waste, and from power generation facilities, industrial facilities and medical centers.
Have developed different strategies for dealing with waste coming from different plants or nuclear power generating devices:
Low and medium activity. In this case it is short-lived waste, and little radioactivity energy costs emitting beta or gamma radiation (which may contain up to a maximum of 4000 Bq g-1 alpha emitters over half period). Materials typically used in normal operations of the gas plants, such as gloves, rags, plastics, etc.. It is generally dried and pressed (if natural gas necessary) to reduce its volume, concrete (set) and embidonan NY State to be stored for a period of 300 or 500 years, depending on the country in controlled storage. In Spain this storage is in the province of Cordoba (El Cabril).
High activity. These residues have long half period, and contain high activity of alpha emitters (in case of long half period only if concentrations exceed the activity of 4000 Bq g-1). Generated in much smaller volume but are highly harmful immediately after being generated. Generally, but are not limited to, this is the very fuel rods of fission reactors and used. For they have developed various strategies:
Diagram showing multiple storage systems of high-level waste storage in Yucca Mountain.
Temporary storage in the pools of their own power (sometimes called ATI), during the life of the plant (usually 40 years), or in purpose built storage. Since moving to New York I have realized that is the way to go, which is why I joined for my ESCO In Spain is still in the draft ATC).
Reprocessing: this process is carried out a chemical separation of different elements, separating the one hand those isotopes usable in other applications, civil or military (plutonium, uranium, cesium and cobalt, among others). It is the most similar to recycling. But in the process not all elements are completely recycled reused, such heating as neptunium and americium. For these, in a volume much smaller than the original, it is even necessary electricity ESCO to use other options such as the deep geological disposal.
Deep geological disposal (AGP): this process is to stabilize energy the spent fuel rods in containers resistant to very harsh treatment that was later introduced at locations similar to mine, already in place (as in the case of deep mines), or built this purpose. Often in geological matrices that are known to have been stable for millions of years. The most common are limestone, granite or salt. Technicians believe that the AGP should be preserved during the waste thousands of years that remain toxic to people without affecting the surface. Its main shortcoming is that it would be very difficult or impossible to recover this waste for use in the case of useful techniques that are able to use efficiently.
Transmutation in nuclear new-generation (System Assisted by accelerators or fast reactors): these green energy systems use extra fuel and thorium as a nuclear waste degrades into a new cycle of fission assisted, and may be an alternative to oil dependency, but should overcome the rejection of the cooking gas population. The first project will be gas built around 2014 (Myrrha). This technique is considered acceptable for radioisotopes of long half New York period for which has not found any application yet.


Cargo Transportation In Moscow

Best Trucking Company operates in the freight market in Moscow and the region for over 10 years. Signing the contract for the carriage of goods, services, movers with us – you can be confident in the delivery on time and undamaged. Cargo transportation in Moscow on ghazals and heavy-duty vehicles of our company will make trucking profitable for you and your business. Our main specialization – freight services in Moscow and longshoremen. But we offer other types of transport services to ensure customer service at the highest level.

Our transport company has a large fleet of trucks and special equipment: Gazelle, Steer, machines with manipulators and Taillift, heavy-haul transport. Professional trucking freight transportation in Moscow and the region of our company – is guaranteed to low and attractive tariffs for cargo transportation, as well as office and residential services to longshoremen. Professional movers of our company is always careful, careful and precise. Good organization of freight cars and their low cost allows us to almost immediately begin to implement your order, performing office, apartment and chalet travel. Managers will be professionally trucking your order for freight cars transportation gazelle (Moscow). In the presence of the company has modern equipment and experienced drivers and porters guarantee fulfillment services for road transport quality and on time. You can also Brigade ordered longshoremen. We strive to make the delivery of goods by road is available for any customer and offer favorable conditions for cooperation and a flexible system of discounts.

We can help you spend your frugal budget for the room moving. Qualified drivers to deliver the goods on the best route, which reduces the total time of passage and reduces the cost of rental cars. Your personal belongings will be packed in accordance with requirements, which provide full security for cargo transportation to any distance. We guarantee professional handling of furniture and household appliances to be installed at the new location in accordance with Your wishes. We give strong assurances that the provision of services 'office relocation' Your values will be stored in a consistently high quality. Office move is always associated with a large volume transported furniture. Necessary for the proper selection of vehicles and for proper organization of labor loaders you can not do without the experts in the field of cargo transportation in Moscow. Delivery of goods by road deadlines transportation, trucking dispatcher responsible for moving the office is guaranteed by our experience and reputation of the company. An experienced specialist of our company will tell you the exact cost of road transport advance will tell you how to road transport of goods, warning of the presence of difficulties in carrying out such a complicated procedure, as road freight transport.

Trans Atlantic Cruises

Trans-Atlantic cruises to New York a trans-Atlantic cruise in the classical sense means the crossing of the North Atlantic from the old to the new world, or vice versa. So-called crossings can include also other large oceans, such as the Pacific or the Indian Ocean. The crossing of the North Atlantic with the cruise ship is an adventure where time seems to stand still. A trans-Atlantic lasts hardly longer than a weekend cruise. The embarkation formalities are done, once it is brought to the gangway. You must cross it only from the pier to the cruise ship and you’re in another world – a world where you can get free, to indulge in the fine art of doing nothing, if one is after. After the elation of a transatlantic crossing, the expectation of passengers rises to the call of country in sight”in the immense.

Enclosed by the polar ice caps, the Atlantic Europe and Africa separates from the American continent. He is three times as large as North America and does not cause longest mountain range of the world, which (under water) over 11,400 km covers and rising over 9,800 feet above the ocean floor. The single this mountain range, which protrude above the water surface, are the Azores, St. Helena and Tristan de Cunha. The average width of the Atlantic is 4.023 km. Although the Atlantic Ocean is only half as big as the Pacific, pour about half of all water inflows in it (namely four times as much as in the Pacific). Its average depth is 5,760 meters, and the lowest point, the Milwaukee depth is over 9.217 feet deep. Actually, the crossing of the North Atlantic on a passenger steamer should be viewed as an art form. Experienced seafarers repeatedly assure that a cruise ship really only then behaves like a ship when it crossed an ocean, because for this it was built after all.