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# So, the engine stalled. We eliminate mechanical failure, they are not so frequent, in addition, preceded by certain symptoms – gnashing, stroke, etc., make it easier to determine the cause of failure. Danny Meyer follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. # Let us recall that in our case was preceded by stop. If directly in front of her engine "lost traction, puffed, began to work intermittently, perhaps, something blocked the inlet air filter. It may be, for example, cloths rag left under saddle.

In this case it is useful to remove this rag close benzokran, let the engine and only then open the faucet. # Check whether the fuse is safe (if warning lights are lit, there is a beep) is not disconnected if which of the battery terminals. Carefully inspect all elements of the circuit: Battery – central switch – breaker – ignition coil. If a fuse blows, turn the circuit instead of fuse, electric lamp, which should be lit. Then switch off the ignition sequence turn off all circuits on the ignition. As soon as the disconnect that circuit, where the short-circuited, the bulb quenched.

If the fuse is intact, you can start by checking the spark. Remove the candle tip, insert a piece of wire, and by bringing it to the "mass" of 5-10 mm and turning the ignition, press the Kick. An intact connection between electrode spark should appear spark. If not, remove the spark plug, cleaned of soot and vvernuv in place, try to let the engine. (Preferably immediately replace a known good spark). # If you still sparks between wire and the "weight" is not, remove the tip, and without it to determine whether a spark to the "masses" with the high voltage wires. If there is a spark, check out the tip. If not, look for a defect in the high-voltage wire. Remove it from the ignition coil, replace the piece of wire and then check whether there is a spark by bringing the wire at 10.5 mm to the "masses" and at the same time turning the crankshaft. # If still no spark, probably out of order an ignition coil or faulty circuit before. Check that the mains power in the primary winding of the coil, can, using the same lamp, instead of including it coils. Take a look at the interrupter contacts. If on opening between slips strong spark, we can say with confidence that the sample capacitor. And the coil and a capacitor can only replace a known working. # If this is all right, you can go back to the power supply system and now blow carburetor jets and channels. In most cases, at some point in this verification problem will certainly be revealed. # Most faults are faults in a motorcycle engine running. Each damage to meet the inherent characteristic features, which are easy to identify. In normal operation of the engine have to deal with failures in the carburetor or the ignition system.

Determine Age

Calves up to 5-6 months only have incisors and premolars. The central pair of incisors is called a hook, followed by internal secondary tools, outdoor tools and medium selvages. On the upper jaw incisors do not – they replaced the horn plate. Premolars and molars, and then – three pairs on each jaw. Calf born with four pairs of incisors. Better developed hooks and internal medium.

Selvages and external medium cutters can only seem to be. If the incisors do not penetrate, hence, the calf was born underdeveloped. By 2 weeks cutters must withdraw completely. At the same age start to appear premolars, which are finally cut through to 3 weeks. With a half months already can be seen blurring incisors. Later all, it can be seen on the selvages (3 months).

In 5-6-month old calves cut with the first pair of molars, which grows to a finite size to 9 months. By 15 months erased dairy hooks, which are replaced in 15-18 months constant. At the same time, a second pair of molars. By two years of the animal 2 pairs of molars should be fully formed, and the third begins to erupt. Internal and external medium cutters and selvages are replaced constant in the age of 2,5, 3 and 4 years respectively. By 3 years of grow first and second pair of permanent premolars, to 3,5-4 years, third.


During the whole time here working dj alex, among residents sabotage at different times: dj bob, dj twist, etc. Music Format club: house, disco house and rnb K pluses of this institution are: central location, large dance floor, made interesting interior. NYC Mayor describes an additional similar source. After some time in Anapa opens an interesting institution with an unprecedented format. Source: NY Museums. This is a night club "Pirate." Interesting club, whose main entrance is designed as a ship. Open year-old playground, which boasts of its proprietary "chip" – frothy show, private swimming pool, winding leading and excellent show program. The club is located on the waterfront near the River .

Also an important step in the development of the club industry Anapa include the opening of open-air club Sunrise. The unique location makes this club a very attractive and popular. It is located on the bottom of the main attractions yarume Anapa – the waterfront. Excellent design year of the club and his party are astonishingly varied and interesting show program. Another is to provide open in 2007 the club "CheGevara.

Excellent idea in the underground style, excellent interior design and music soprovozdenie. In this club you could hear one of the most famous DJs Anapa dj MaxiBox. Unfortunately, the club now "CheGevara" closed. But I hope that by the summer season of 2010 that will change and the club reopens its doors to all lovers of quality electronic music! Recently, in the village opened a new nightclub The Cave. " Interior the club is completely up to its name.

Multicell Compound

Before installing the tire on the wheel disc, check for foreign objects inside the bus, and if so, remove them. Water gathering in the compressor can get into the bus, so periodically drain water out of the compressor. When installing the tire on a car, make sure that the tires do not touch the car body. If the bus relate to the body, can occur from being damaged. Tyres with directional tread pattern is set appropriately, as indicated by the arrow on the sidewall.

After installing the new tire run-walk. Pay special attention to the work of the steering until you get used to it. Always perform a balancing of wheels for all tires, including spare. Using wheels can lead to abnormal vibration and rapid deterioration. Speed and distance by running tires air pressure in tires install and maintain air pressure in the tires according to manufacturer's recommendations for motor vehicles in the instruction manual or on the central rack of your car. Check the tire pressure at least once a month.

Check tires without studs tire with a new special compound tread Multicell Compound have an additional indicator of 50% wear (eg, Blizzak WS-50, WS60, Revo-1, DM-Z3). Performance on icy and snowy roads tire with a special compound Multicell Compound for the tread-wear for more than 50% decrease. Therefore, after the operation in the winter seasons half-worn tire with a special compound Multicell Compound is recommended to replace the new and worn tire can be used as a summer until complete wear indicator. General recommendations Tire wear unequally because they are different loading depending on the position (axle steer drive axle, free rolling axle). To reduce vibration and noise, as well as for increased durability should periodically rearrange the bus from one position to another. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out NY Museums. Periodically check the breakup / toe wheels of the car and, if necessary, carry out the adjustment, because the incorrect adjustment may be reduced precision steering. This, in turn, may cause uneven tire wear. Avoid overloading, since it can lead to a decrease in durability of tires, and damage, as well as to the appearance of cracks on wheels. Also avoid uneven loading. When storing tires, avoid the following locations: exposed to direct sunlight, exposed to rainfall and moisture, near any heat sources as stoves, heaters, etc., near the electrical generating electrical sparks or ozone (eg, power generator, motor, etc.). For your safety when driving a car If you find instability of the steering, abnormal sound or vibration, stop your vehicle in a safe place as soon as possible, check the car and tires. Even if you have not noticed any visible damage, check your car service center. Try not to touch suddenly from their seats, to avoid acceleration, sharp turns and braking: these maneuvers are dangerous. Driving your car, paying special attention to road conditions: for example, Reduce speed before sharp turns as the car can bring, especially on wet, snowy or icy roads. Do not touch the side walls of tires with borders of roads, avoid driving on protruding objects on the road – it can damage the tires. Keep the proper distance between you and the vehicle in front, depending on its speed. Keep a safe distance, especially when driving on wet, snowy or icy roads.

Feng Shui

Another required attribute hallway – it's a small side table or a table near the front door, preferably on the right of input, so-called "caring for the neighbor." If you live in the house the elderly or children – it's worth thinking a little stool, ottoman. Of course, welcome a few cute knick-knacks, paintings. Good lighting and a pleasant aroma – And, make no mistake, a bad mood will remain outside the door of your house. GostinayMebel and interior room should be invited to relax, talk quietly, listen to music and to show what is valuable to you than you hobby. NY Museums is the source for more interesting facts. No aggressive colors and objects.

Here, of course, the central character is a sofa and kresla.S terms of Feng Shui, leather furniture is not very relevant in the apartment, it is more suitable for the office. If you allow dimensions of the room – the best option for the living room – sofas and chairs, which cost around, but not along the walls. Ideal – corner sofas and several chairs. Unthinkable, and living without a television and some furniture. One of the most important requirements of furniture – no sharp corners.

If any, and directed them to sit near the furniture people, they need to try to hide: drape, to hide the plants. Shelves for books and bookcases recommended closed. On open shelves is better to store frames with photos, souvenirs, collections, and other expensive gizmos you. Married spalnyZdes there should be nothing superfluous. Most importantly – it comfortable bed.

The Fahn Effect

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Foehn effect. Topography requires the mass of air rising, condensing water vapor and causing orographic rainfall (barrier effect). Downwind air dry and falls off rapidly rising barometric pressure and temperature (Foehn effect).
The Foehn effect F hn or (name taken from a German wind characteristic of northern Alps) occurs in mountainous terrain where a mass of warm and moist air is forced to rise to save this obstacle. This causes the water vapor cools and undergoes a process ofcondensation or sublimation reverse precipitation in the windward slopes where orographic form clouds and rain. When this happens there is a sharp contrast between these slopes climate with high humidity and rainfall in the windward and leeward where the weather is clear and the temperature is increased by the process of adiabatic compression. This process is motivated because the dry, warm air and falls quickly by the side, warming up as we descended, and with a very low humidity. The effect Foen is the process described in the leeward slopes and turns out to be a wind drying and very hot. Puerto Cabello (Venezuela), is called Calderetas for this reason, the winds coming from the south (of the Plains and Lake Valencia) when down to the coast of the Central Coast. Very often, all moisture from the windward slopes do not become clouds and rain, but much of these clouds passing towards the leeward side, which "spread" with a completely reverse process happened in windward. In effect, orographic clouds descended on the leeward side is heated and its relative humidity decreases but not absolute, it remains the same.

by Kim MitzoThompson and Karen Mitzo Hilderbrand (Audio Cassette – Aug 31, 1999)

Central Bank Employer

Now, about the size of compensation for the enforced absence. In accordance with Art. 395 tc rf recognizing the employee's monetary claims founded they are satisfied in full. Danny Meyer wanted to know more. Thus, the period of enforced idleness paid in full, regardless of its duration. Term stimulated truancy law in no way limited, and the employer must pay the illegally dismissed employees all the time, even if the lawsuit on the matter lasted at various levels for several years, but ended in result in favor of the employee.

In addition, the illegally dismissed employee is entitled to request a statement of claim compensation for moral damages, the amount which the court determines, as well as the interest, came running over time enforced idleness in one three hundredth of refinancing rate of Central Bank of Russia. True, the award (except for non-pecuniary damage) will keep the income tax. At the same time, the employer have to pay more and unified social tax on all "forgotten" salary. Total: Average earnings + ust (26% of average earnings) + interest. And if all worked for a few months? And a few thousand rubles for moral damage in the appendage. However, not all agree to go back and work for the offender. Not everyone is waiting for the weather to the sea – to live as a necessary, but because sometimes arranged in much less paid work – but to get. In this case, absolutely not necessarily require the actual reinstatement, and the court simply will charge for the benefit of such employee wages during the time of enforced idleness.

The date of dismissal in this case will be the day making adjudication. The same date ends with a period of enforced idleness, and recovery of wages is also made up to and including the day the court decision. According to the latest edition Resolution of the Plenum Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of 17.03.2004 2, when determining the amount of payment for the time of enforced idleness average earnings, recoverable in favor of the employee during this time, is not subject to reduction in the amount of wages received from another employer, temporary disability benefits and unemployment, which he received during the period of enforced idleness. So that the employee may work in another place and get there wages, and after a positive court decision to get on top and a salary from his former employer. And no one will subtract! The decision to reinstate illegally dismissed employee or to reinstate the former employee's work, illegally transferred to another job, subject to immediate execution (Article 396 of the lc RF). If the employer fails to comply with the court decision, the period of forced absence is extended until the moment of execution. That is, the longer the employer pulls the payment, the more pay in the end. So before you dismiss an unwanted employee, the employer is thoughtful: not address whether the statement in court, which could lead to significant financial losses for firm? And the losses will be much more serious than the "compensation" to the employee or payment of qualified legal services, legal advice specialist. And the enforced absence will have to pay all at once. And virtually no staff member! Miser pays twice

Notre Dame

There was a painting that depicted the coming of the Holy Spirit. On the one hand, drew my attention to its close resemblance to the seal of the Knights Templars of the Abbey of Notre Dame du Mont Sion. Furthermore, the central figure representing Magdalena surrounded by the apostles, as the Holy Spirit as a dove descending upon them. (See picture on the website of the author) Images for: Monasterio de Oia (Pontevedra), Altarpiece of Mary Magdalene with the apostles and Templar Seal of the Abbey of Notre Dame du Mont Sion Very near where I lived I discovered another significant element. Official site: NY Museums. It was the Monastery of Santes Creus Reial, belonging to the Cistercian Order, situated in Aiguamurcia, Alt Camp, Province Tarragona.

Apart from the obvious artistic quality of the different styles represented in the monastic church, attracted my attention one of the two shrines arranged on the sides of the temple, near the main entrance door. This chapel, called St. John the Evangelist, I was in store for big and pleasant surprises since, in the central image of the altarpiece, the figure of a San Juan Evangelista markedly feminine looking, with long, curly red hair, lip color fleshy and sensual crimson and holding a cup or Grail with his left hand to chest height. (See picture on the website of the author) Images: JUAN EVANGELISTA Note the red color of hair As I got closer and carefully watching the show, done in polychrome wood and painted in oil, I discovered that there were seven additional icons on the bottom of it and to watch carefully, I saw that reproduced several biblical passages about Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

Buying A Dog

Description of a confirmation hearing at the LOF (Book of French origin) The confirmation hearing. When purchasing your puppy, the breeder provide a birth certificate which proves the statement made by the farmer to the Societe Centrale Canine (SCC) in the book of French origin (LOF). This entry is made on an initial basis, ie, not final. When the dog has reached its optimal size (see chart of age limits here) you must go before a judge sitting on a confirmation of enrollment in the final LOF and get his pedigree, himself indispensable to distinguish and get your dog breed puppies. WARNING: this is not because the puppy is registered in the original LOF will be confirmed by a judge in growth could also be supplied to non-standard or hidden defects or defects that prevent him from being confirmed and get the pedigree. He must choose the breeder very carefully! If your dog is found to comply, it get his pedigree. The pedigree includes the complete history of the dog is his birth certificate (just as the family book) and is released only by the CSC: – Name of the dog – Sex – Color Coat – Date of birth – her parents (paternal ancestry to the fourth generation) – Number identification (microchip or tattoo) – Etc. …. For dates and locations of various confirmations, there are Look under "Events." It is likely that you will find something to confirm the Pup near you. Here's a quick look at the breakdown by group: Group 1 Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs) Group 2 Pinscher and Schnauzer – Molosser – Swiss Mountain dogs and cattle and other races Group 3 Terriers Dachshunds Group 4 Group 5 Spitz and primitive types Group 6 Scent hounds and related breeds Search Dogs Stop Group 7 Group 8 Retrievers – Flushing Dogs – Water Dogs Dogs and Toy Company Group 9 Group 10 Racing

New Clean Diesel

For the first time Touareg debuted in 2003 as a unique off-road – a climber who in respect of luxury, convenience and security are not going to any compromises. Available with three strong engines (V6, V8, diesel V10), the system Air suspension on the basis of high technologies, as well as many other useful accessories. Tuareg seemed destined for voshozhdeniy.No all these good things did Touareg little harder and more expensive. All of this gradually influenced prodazhi.V the same time, the market appeared a steady stream of new competitors – it has led to what became a luxury SUV like a soft kitchen furniture. Buyers of luxury cars by nature are potentially unstable. They are following the trend, try to change the wheel of any new high-tech vehicle, which appears on the market. As a result, in recent years was often in the Touareg side. “Frankly, over the past two years, sales have not lived Touareg our expectations” said John White, president of Volkswagen Canada.

He noted that in 2008 in Canada were sold only 800 cars Touareg. But he points to ‘Rejuvenation’ model in 2009, due to the introduction of a new three-liter diesel V6 TDI. At one time, it gives the Tuareg more fuel economy and more moschnosti.Kak and two-liter engine TDI VW, this three-liter TDI meets the North American environmental standards. To achieve this result the exhaust system was built using the latest technologies and devices. The most intriguing of these devices is a new filter. Special liquid mix with hot exhaust gases, we obtain a new mixture, which is very uvelichivaeteffektivnost filter.

Special liquid in a 16-gallon tank installed under the spare tire. The system uses approximately liter of fluid for every 1 000 km, thus, need to top up fluid every 15,000 km. But if need be, you can easily fill the tank at any time. The cost of the liquid two or three dollars per liter. Consumption Fuel accounts for about 8 liters per 100 km on the highway and 11.9 liters in city driving. Enough for a full tank of more than 1200 km. For heavy and high in the Volkswagen Touareg SUV an excellent ride and handling, in mainly due to the air suspension system. When overtaking is possible rapid increase in speed, although acceleration feeling somewhat muted, it’s finally a big, heavy SUV.