Central America

Respiratory infections like pneumonia and influenza, mainly, that in our country, time of cold, occupy the first place like disease cause, consult medical and of labor and scholastic absenteeism. Cutaneous effects, that can be pronounced in the form of cancers, solar burns or dermatosis; and the eyeglasses: conjuntivitis, cancer of conjunctive cornea and, cataract as well as degeneration to spot. paho.org/Spanish adds to us, that the Pan-American Organization of Salud (OPS) jointly realises with the World-wide Organization of the Health a call to the action to mitigate the impacts of phenomena that go from hurricanes and floods to water deficiencies and foods. The climatic change is already affecting the health of the people in countries around the world, and the consensus is that these effects only go to intensificarse" , He is worrisome as many governments have not considered seriously like facing all those actions that accelerate the climatic change, allowing many countries, including which actions concern to us with respect to the Latin American Continent that come aggravating the environment and contributing in the acceleration from the climatic change, therefore knows, that deforestation in the tropical zones of Latin America is one of the more serious environmental disasters of the region. At the moment, Latin America is responsible for the 4,3% of the gas discharges of greenhouse effect. Of these, 48,3% are the result of the deforestation and changes in the use of earth. For the 2010 zones of forests in Sur and Central America they will be reduced by 18 million of hectares (Mha) and 1,2 Mha, respectively. These areas will be used for grass and the expansion of the cattle production It indicates ircamericas.org, that if the deforestation of the Brazilian Amazonia follows the step that it indefinitely had during period 2002-2003 (2,3 Mha/year), then 100 Mha of the forest (around 25% of the original forest) will have disappeared for year 2020, and for 2050 (if we told on a scene without changes) 269,8 Mha will already have deforested.

Giovanni Bellini

It is very valid what it contributes wikipedia to us and enjoys them intensely to one, in spite of the drizzle its beauty in colorful is something extraordinary, says to us, that Venice enjoys a legendary fame by its ample artistic patrimony and long file like reference of the European painting. The wealth of the powerful ones of the city (the Church, the politicians and certain retailers) it allowed to maintain a prolonged sponsorship on painters, architects and other artists: from Gentile Bellini in century XV to Francesco Guardi at the end of century XVIII, passing through Giovanni Bellini, Tiziano, Giorgione, Sebastiano of the Piombo, Tintoretto, Verons, Jacopo Bassano, Giambattista Tiepolo, among others. Peculiarly, many of these artists had been born in other localities and went to Venice attracted by their might. The style of the successive painters of Venice maintained some characteristics common (colorful warm and rich) that radiated their influence by Europe average. The call Venetian School influenced in as diverse teachers as Rubens and Vela’zquez, and partly modeled the baroque style of century XVII. When it journeys by his streets and it is interested in classic music, in which Italy has bequeathed to us, it cannot forget what represented Antonio Vivaldi, In Venice was born one from the tops from music barroca, the 4 of March of 1678 (dead in Vienna the 28 of 1741 July). Another one of the great ones of music, Richard Wagner, passed away in the city the 13 of February of 1883.

Also the great composer Igor Stravinski, although died in New York, wanted that their rest were taken to Venice and rest today in the cemetery of San Michele. All this is reflected of the importance of the city not only like place of origin of many geniuses, but mainly like inexhaustible source of inspiration throughout the history of poets, musicians, painters and all sort of artists. In Venice is one of the more famous coliseos of opera of the world, the theater of the Fenice, that literally means ” Bird Fnix” and it makes honor to his name, having arisen from his ashes after repeated fires, the last one at the end of century XX. It was place of opening of some of the most famous pieces of the repertoire, among them several of Verdi. It gives much sadness when one must take leave of Venice, nevertheless the time that happens in her is enjoyed intensely to the maximum and is very difficult to be able to forget it, unfortunately as all principle has its aim, I am called on myself to leave it and to return again to Bologna, but inviting those who they like to know cities beautiful, not to let it visit, because he is something that must know.

A Work Of The Which Not Ashamed

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Madrilenian Community

The confrontation to become the club but important of Spain and the world between Real Madrid and the FC Barcelona seems not to arrive at its aim. Florentine Perez, president of Real Madrid, announced that she wishes to construct a luxurious hotel in the stage Santiago Bernabu. With this he would obtain a great passage in the growth of the club. In the project an important remodeling of the stage is reflected. The construction of the hotel would be where the facade is at the moment that it gives to the Stroll of the Castilian, from the tourists will be able there to see the soccers match, while they enjoy the exquisite gastronomy and the luxuries of the establishment.

The corner of the Bernabu would be affected in this change, since it will disappear to become a green zone. In order to satisfaccer the needs of the luxury tourism, it will also be constructed to a commercial center and a fourth restaurant. The president of the Club, will summon to an architecture contest, the winner would be the person in charge to carry out this important work, however, Real Madrid, first must be authorized by the City council and the Madrilenian Community. Thanks to the tourist advantage, it is anticipated that the instituucin will receive about 200 million Euros to the year. Doubt does not fit that thousand of travellers become fond of to soccer will want to live this experience.

Flowers And Winter

In winter, flowers for us no less valid than in summer, because we do not have enough bright colors! So many go against all logic in flower shops and buy your home or a gift of a new green friend a friend. If you really very impatient and wants "a piece of summer" in the middle of winter, take care of transportation purchased the plant in view of the cold weather. In the shop you are unlikely to be offered "hardy" package. Take care of it yourself. For example, the type of old newspapers or sheets of paper on which you can wrap your purchase.

Even if the plant will carry only the store to the car and the car to the entrance, it may be enough to plant if not killed, it fundamentally lost its visual appeal. If you have to be "resident in the tropics," well, not too lazy to stock up on the box, but better – two different sizes, insert one into another, but gap between them for stability, as well as between the inner frame and a plant for heat, lay the newspaper. In such a "thermos" the plant will remain better. Of course, we need more and cover. And, importantly, before you put into this design plant, it must be kept warm. It should say also about the content of plants at home.

In winter, daylight hours, as you know, short, color is often not enough natural light. Leaves have them begin to fade, yellow, sometimes lose their elasticity. In this time of year to release Flower as much as possible places with good lighting. And many colors, such as citrus or hibiscus need additional lighting. To do this, on sale There are special lamps for plants or fitolampy. They are housed at a distance of 40cm above the plant and include in the morning before sunrise and in the evening after the sunset. And also need to take care of the moisture of air. Central heating makes the air hot and dry. (Similarly see: Shimmie Horn). Many colors to dry the leaves, they lose their appeal. If you have the opportunity to purchase a humidifier, if not – more often spray your plants. And remember, the winter will or later will, your plants will live, go to the growth and bloom!

Irodologic Analysis

Catch phrase 'eyes – a mirror of the soul "is known to every one of us from childhood. This is no accident. After all, her eyes shiny and can be frightened, spiritual and empty, thoughtful and penetrating … They know how to speak, under their power tell about the whole gamut of human feelings and emotions. Silas has long given special look, even mystical significance. In an attempt to unravel this mystery, to reveal the encrypted information in the eyes of a special science was born – iridology. What exactly is written in our eyes, what can we learn by looking into these bottomless sources? Of course this irodologichesky analysis – something much more complex and informative, showing not only that unites us with lots of living on Earth, but what makes us quite unique.

Experienced iridology can read and decode those special characters with which eyes tell us, and there is nothing magic as it may seem at first glance. Iridology only talks about our strengths and weaknesses, as set forth in our capabilities, internal reserves, threatening us and the dangers of genetic predisposition – that is, that the language is called iridology constitution. She laid into us from birth, and change it, we almost can not. In every constitution has its own advantages and disadvantages. AND how to manage them, depends only on us. It is possible, ruthlessly exploiting the data on the nature of dignity, turning them into weaknesses, and can conversely, using their strengths, learn how to reasonably compensate them congenital defects.