Irodologic Analysis

Catch phrase 'eyes – a mirror of the soul "is known to every one of us from childhood. This is no accident. After all, her eyes shiny and can be frightened, spiritual and empty, thoughtful and penetrating … They know how to speak, under their power tell about the whole gamut of human feelings and emotions. Silas has long given special look, even mystical significance. In an attempt to unravel this mystery, to reveal the encrypted information in the eyes of a special science was born – iridology. What exactly is written in our eyes, what can we learn by looking into these bottomless sources? Of course this irodologichesky analysis – something much more complex and informative, showing not only that unites us with lots of living on Earth, but what makes us quite unique.

Experienced iridology can read and decode those special characters with which eyes tell us, and there is nothing magic as it may seem at first glance. Iridology only talks about our strengths and weaknesses, as set forth in our capabilities, internal reserves, threatening us and the dangers of genetic predisposition – that is, that the language is called iridology constitution. She laid into us from birth, and change it, we almost can not. In every constitution has its own advantages and disadvantages. AND how to manage them, depends only on us. It is possible, ruthlessly exploiting the data on the nature of dignity, turning them into weaknesses, and can conversely, using their strengths, learn how to reasonably compensate them congenital defects.