New Clean Diesel

For the first time Touareg debuted in 2003 as a unique off-road – a climber who in respect of luxury, convenience and security are not going to any compromises. Available with three strong engines (V6, V8, diesel V10), the system Air suspension on the basis of high technologies, as well as many other useful accessories. Tuareg seemed destined for voshozhdeniy.No all these good things did Touareg little harder and more expensive. All of this gradually influenced prodazhi.V the same time, the market appeared a steady stream of new competitors – it has led to what became a luxury SUV like a soft kitchen furniture. Buyers of luxury cars by nature are potentially unstable. They are following the trend, try to change the wheel of any new high-tech vehicle, which appears on the market. As a result, in recent years was often in the Touareg side. “Frankly, over the past two years, sales have not lived Touareg our expectations” said John White, president of Volkswagen Canada.

He noted that in 2008 in Canada were sold only 800 cars Touareg. But he points to ‘Rejuvenation’ model in 2009, due to the introduction of a new three-liter diesel V6 TDI. At one time, it gives the Tuareg more fuel economy and more moschnosti.Kak and two-liter engine TDI VW, this three-liter TDI meets the North American environmental standards. To achieve this result the exhaust system was built using the latest technologies and devices. The most intriguing of these devices is a new filter. Special liquid mix with hot exhaust gases, we obtain a new mixture, which is very uvelichivaeteffektivnost filter.

Special liquid in a 16-gallon tank installed under the spare tire. The system uses approximately liter of fluid for every 1 000 km, thus, need to top up fluid every 15,000 km. But if need be, you can easily fill the tank at any time. The cost of the liquid two or three dollars per liter. Consumption Fuel accounts for about 8 liters per 100 km on the highway and 11.9 liters in city driving. Enough for a full tank of more than 1200 km. For heavy and high in the Volkswagen Touareg SUV an excellent ride and handling, in mainly due to the air suspension system. When overtaking is possible rapid increase in speed, although acceleration feeling somewhat muted, it’s finally a big, heavy SUV.