Holy Trinity Monastery

Festival of the bells' Kamensk-Ural – Bell Capital of Russia "held in the Urals for the fifth consecutive time. Every June in this glorious Ural city gathers all the bell elite, then they exchange experiences and share their art with the people. It should be noted that tourists are very fond of this festival, this was a huge number of visitors, not only from Russia but from all over the world. I've seen for example here and the citizens Ukraine, Germany, France, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and even Canada! Chapel of Alexander Nevsky, is located on the main square of Kamensk-Urals – a few days in a row could be heard here play the bells. For the fifth year in a row here festival ringers Kamensk-Ural – Bell Capital of Russia ". Skill games on the bells demonstrate here the best musicians from across the country – Moscow, Rostov, Yaroslavl, Arhanegls Well and of course myself Kamensk-Uralsk. More than 15 thousand spectators, fans gathered bells chiming the fifth annual festival in Kamensk-Uralsk. Leading masters of more than 30 Russian cities gathered at a Kamensk-Uralsk, to share experiences and demonstrate their art.

Kamensk-Ural "- the bell is called the capital of Russia. The town has long been famous for its tradition of casting and metal (often called and the capital of Russian metallurgy). There is world-famous factory for the production of bells. The employees of this plant was cast more than one hundred bells for churches and monasteries in Russia and cis countries. Each year, festival organizers Kamensk-Ural – bell capital of Russia, trying to impress guests. The main star of this festival was cast Kamenskiy plant a three-meter bell weighing just over 18 tons. Through month, he will adorn imposing Holy Trinity Monastery in Chuvashia. Jingle bells heard at a distance of 30 kilometers. The festival Kamensk-Ural – Russian traditional bell capital of the joint performance of all participants.