Language Changes

The origin of his research was his curiosity to understand how through communication and language changes occurred in the behavior of individuals. Purpose of research were successful people like: A family therapist, Virginia Satir, the father of medical hipnologia modernaa Milton Erickson and the creator of Fritz Perls Gestalt. They also had great influence theoretical Gregory Bateson. Bandler and Grinder had come to the conclusion that these teachers teniana change certain common patterns of interaction that applied most often unconsciously. Based on the principles of structures based on the work of effective therapists can be discovered and, once understood, can play and teach. The set of patterns that shaped and intellectual influences led to the NLP.

It should be noted also that at a time when communication has been located in the center of global concern, a la PNL rapidamentea occupy a strategic location between the disciplines that allow individuals to optimize resources. Originally designed for the therapeutic process, the results that occurred in the form extraordinary achievement that transcended use this border. Doctors, psychologists, educators, professionals from different areas and large companies, currently implemented NLP, both for individual development and for the optimization of each human group. in the middle can utilizarlosa organizational manager in the area of mercadoa to increase sales as it may develop ad campaigns that reach the people always taking into account the most effective channel to deliver the message to be conveyed. NLP haa been of significant importance in the organizational field, as it enhances creativity and allows for a dynamic, learning to cope with everyday conflicts that we face due to the condition of human beings have diversity of thought and behaviors, we must learn to interrelacionanos with our co-workers also helps us find the most effective channels for communication and improve the business climate. All manager must be concerned not only for purchasing open knowledge paperwork but tambiena develop their abilities, skills, know their strengths, integrate with your team, treated with respect, self-esteem, assertiveness to their staff. A, and efficiently manage its leadership. Definitely, la PNL explains the process of learning a process in a series of stages through which passes the individual learner.

Four: Unconscious Incompetence (Do not know what a car, let alone drive it.) Conscious incompetence (Doctor moment in education, masters in business management: quality and productivity; educacionIngeniero-manager, Advocate.