A Historical Place

Had to be a provincial city, the arrival of a park of diversions is attractive a more for the even though adult children, young and, therefore they are delighted in the tricks and they relembram the child times (in the case of the adults it is clearly). They happen namoros, many times that come if to materialize marriages future, and this will become memory for the remaining portion of the life of these historical citizens, then this also is historical formation and citizenship, and in this example, we can study the great national commemorations from the great municipal commemoration, thus going of the place for the national one. To place such examples in classroom is also to make an occured comparative degree between the permanncias and changes in the diverse ones historical beings (children, young and adults), showing as soon as the past are alive and are responsible for the events gifts, fitting to these citizens gifts the historical transformation of the society, rescuing one more time the importance of local history for the life of the people. This awareness of the historical rescue, beyond, to make a last and present relation between, shows as the people are operating beings in the construction of history she transforms and them into operating citizens in its community for the fact to recognize itself and to the other, favoring the harmonious conditions exactly with as many differences. Something sufficiently important that it must be salient is the valuation and the rescue of the memory through local history, this if of the one in some ways, the first one as I already gave an example is in the comparison of the diverse etrias bands participating of one same one half, this difference backwards a little of the memory of those oldest ones than they are there from there we can to take off the stories of these oldest ones and to compare them it the daily one of the young in giving a fan of comments between passed and present, beyond rescuing the memory of these citizens, we will give a historical direction for the life of the young that will start to be experts of the historicidade and the historical construction in all the times and descents, leading in account that from now on summer them you remained and not alone the ruptures, since, the past is not a dead time, forgotten and yes, alive and current if not limiting in the posterior events the gift, but announcing a perspective of what the fact of that will be able to happen and at the present moment we are on directly to this past that brought in them until here.