Attendance Record

48.7 million visited the Hudson capital in 2010 – a growth rate of 6.7 per cent compared to the previous year of New York City earns its reputation as a top city destination. As New York’s Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and George Fertitta, CEO of NYC & company now announced, more tourists visited metropolis in 2010 as per the Hudson. It reached new records both the numbers of U.S. visitors (2010: 39 million, 2009: 37 million) and the number of international visitors (2010: 9.7 million, 2009: 8.6 million).

With a total of 48.7 million guests, an increase of 6.7 per cent compared with the previous year is New York City of the targeted record of 50 million visitors in the year of 2012 closer than ever before. The actual figures for the German-speaking market are expected in mid-2011. Overall the New York visitors $ 31 billion spent, three billion more than in 2009. The hotels also achieved new records: with nearly 7,000 additional hotel rooms in 2010 seven percent more than in the previous year has New York City about more places than ever before. The number of rooms by currently 87,000 on 91,000 is expected to increase until the end of 2013.

Despite higher average rates of the hotels (2010: 330 USD, 2009: 303 USD), the selling room nights with 25.7 million outnumbered the record from the year 2009 to two million. The most recent records show that Bloomberg’s investment in the tourism industry and the tourism promotion bear fruit. Special savings actions from NYC & company as the NYC Restaurant week, one the House and signature collection third night regularly provide cheap deals on accommodation, culture and culinary delights and make a visit to the capital even more attractive and cheaper. General information about New York City also in German language available under or English. Press photos can be found under press photos. Editor’s Note: NYC & company is the official marketing and Tourism Organization of the city New York City. It is for the development of tourism, the economic development of the five districts of the city and of the positive image of the city worldwide responsible care. NYC & company operates the NYC information center on the 7th Avenue (52 / 53 Street) and the official NYC website.