Canary Islands

The new year away from home: how welcome you actually spend new year’s Eve? With family and friends at home or alone in front of the TV? Have sometimes the feeling last, same every new year’s Eve celebration inclusive Molybdomancy, fondue and board games? More and more people do not feel like every year new year’s Eve in the dare to spend home. Sometimes friends and family flew out as well. Who still wants to take the year an unforgettable experience, which can travel on new year’s Eve, even at short notice. Who decides spontaneously for a new year’s Eve travel has many possibilities. Of course, it is important first of all to know how you would like to say goodbye to the old year and want to welcome the new year.

So, party-goers can celebrate the biggest festival of the year in one of the famous cities of the world. For those who want to celebrate big, suitable for example Berlin. Hundreds of thousands of people in the streets of the capital of find themselves each year, around the new year at the Germany’s greatest new year’s Eve Festival to celebrate. But also abroad, you will find abundant spectacular festivals. Who would like to combine culture and party, can fly to Barcelona. Here, it seems as if the entire city on the streets and squares were gathered. However, you should know that there are only a few small fireworks in Barcelona. This feast is in the restaurants and in the bars, Cafes or discos of the Spanish metropolis is really what’s going on throughout the entire night.

A huge new year’s Eve party in romantic setting can be found in Paris. Also here it seems like the entire city on the legs, there is but not noisy firecrackers such as in Germany. This was banned some time ago. For this, you can enjoy an impressive fireworks and this best during a romantic cruise on the Seine. Who wants to go not far, can visit the neighboring countries to new year’s Eve. The Austrians and Swiss can celebrate namely also correctly. Meet also in the beautiful old town of Vienna Each other, lots of entertainment and music sound romantic and party in the streets and around Lake Zurich. The spectacular fireworks from the dark night sky makes a sea of lights, which is really overwhelming. Who has the financial resources, which should be a new year’s Eve extravaganza in New York City not to be missed. On time square, the world’s largest new year’s Eve party can be experienced, especially when he ball slowly is lowered times square. Then it’s raining at exactly midnight confetti. Who wants but quiet do it on new year’s Eve and the feast also has a few vacation days, can experience also a relaxed new year. The Caribbean, the Canary Islands or Asia are ideal to escape the domestic cold. Of course in the sun-drenched countries of this earth the way due new year’s Eve there to celebrate. But in conjunction with warm rays of the Sun and turquoise blue sea. No matter what new year’s Eve trip you choose. Always remember: every year is new year’s Eve again. The new year’s Eve trip is always individual and unique.