Who keeps the official time for the world-famous Tour de France bicycle race? None with the exception of Festina, a watch brand Festina established in Switzerland in 1902. The company has been a major sponsor and the official timekeeper of the Tour de France since 1993. From 1989 to 2001, he also sponsored its own cycle, Team Festina team. In addition to the Tour de France, the company is also the official timekeeper for the tour de Suisse and the tour de Romandie. Therefore sponsors and official timekeepers, you officer counted accurately, but there’s more to Festina watches than just the ability to keep accurate time. From the beginning, the name of Festina has represented quality and classic style.

Festina has always used only materials higher quality, and the company has been dedicated to creating elegant, accurate reloj-relojes created for those who live life to its more full. Since the 1980s, their timepieces offer Japanese top quality quartz movements, including the mechanical Mecaquartz none-battery quartz movements. The company embraces its heritage as the clock of the athlete, offers a line full of Chronographs offered the exact movements, the built-in tachometer, 1/20th of a second accuracy and an easy to use analog alarm. The flagship of Festina watches line is the collection of the Tour de France, a line item, watches that compete with fashion in men and ladies styles. The medium range collection is among the most popular lines of watches sold in Europe, selling more than almost every other manufacturer. The travel collection offers boxes of stainless steel and durable construction facing the kind of punishment and other sportsmen bicyclists serves out. In 2010, the company put its popular line of the Tour de France a day and introduced the style restored as the Chrono of the 2010 bike collection. The 2010 bike collection Chrono is sportier and more aerodynamics with characteristics drawn from the best of the best elements of competing with the construction of the bike.