Eliminating Back Pain

Where are the back pain actually? A strong back knows no pain. “Strengthen your back now and say”Narasimha”back pain your back pain goodbye”, how you can fight your back pain with simple tricks in the Office, back pain – one of the most common diseases of our modern civilization plagued day every day thousands of people. It is a can by no means no, rather more and more younger people are victims of people suffering Nr. 1. backache. Most often called stinging pain hit him unexpectedly.

There has issued hundreds of euros for an ergonomic office chair and workstation is still haunted by often deeply seated back pain. It is usually relatively easy to understand the cause or to address successfully. To better avoid the emergence of back pain and its consequences, it should be the function of our spine in mind. Our spine consists of 24 vertebrae, which continues down to the vertebral bodies chilled cross – or coccyx. The so called intervertebral discs are between the individual vertebrae”. These consist of a soft, cartilage-like substance. In the middle is a colloidal core, which is surrounded by outward from Roto fibre layers and protects them.

Each disc is created equal and serves the body or of the spine as a buffering system. As the function of a water cushion the spinal disc pressure and shock loads evenly. In contrast to other types of tissue such as muscle, bone, etc., the discs are not irrigated. You are nourished only by pressure and tension (diffusion). Like a sponge, which under water is compressed, then released and thus fully swells, the spinal discs with oxygen, etc. are nourished. Ensure not essential this pressure and tensile load movement of the spine. Because the Alternating load as they jump, for example, when walking, trampoline, walking, etc. is, provides the appropriate nutrition of the intervertebral discs. Because only a good fed disc works. So squeezing the sponge and won’t let him go, so this can also not back fill. It is the case E.g. with long sitting in the Office, in the car, on the couch, etc. “So it happens that the discs throughout the day virtually squeezed out” be and from waking up to going to bed are narrow. The difference in size from morning to evening can be up to a few centimeters. Optimum pressure distribution is no longer the disc undergoes a punktual increased pressure; the core is pushed outwards and the fiber rings increasingly charged. This is a permanent condition, so the barrel rings can tear and the core outward hike up to the outlet of the core of the disc (herniated disc). A slender BS, which is outside bead can press thus on exiting nerve roots or the spinal cord and thus appropriate back pain cause. Conclusion: 1) dynamic seated posture is the golden rule! Alternating between leaning, just sitting, front support 2) In between, going (to make phone calls, faxes,) provides for loading and discharge, and thus for nutrition of BS 3.) Sufficient drinking can not dry out the BS 4.) A well trained back and abdominal muscles holds the spine in the balance and stabilizes them in every posture (body is Trump)!USE IT OR LOOS IT! A strong back knows no pain! A proverb, whose importance we should quietly place a certain seriousness. Also too much body weight may be cause for too great a burden our spine. Targeted weight reduction can provide oftentimes have remedies. In your area, see a staff training the following address