Installation Of Wooden Window

Requirements for the installation of wooden windows installed in the project documentation for construction projects taking into account the adopted and draft versions of the execution units contiguity product to the walls, designed to set climatic and other loads. In the design and execution units contiguity of wooden windows must meet the following conditions: Closing the gaps between the mounting wooden windows and sloping wall openings structures should be around the perimeter of the window block tight, leak-proof, designed to withstand pressures from the outside climatic and environmental conditions inside buildings. Construction site wooden contiguity windows (including the location of a wooden box on the depth of the opening) to prevent the formation of cold bridges (thermal bridges) leading to the formation of condensation on the inside surfaces of window openings. The performance characteristics of structures host junction (resistance to heat, noise, air – and water permeability of wooden windows) to meet the requirements specified in building codes and rules. Vapor from the joint space should be less dense than the protection of wooden windows against the climate outside. The construction site must ensure contiguity of a reliable drainage of rain and oxen condensing surface. Not allowed the penetration of moisture inside the wall constructions and building. As the fasteners for the installation of wooden windows are used: building anchors (the preferred method of attachment); mounting screws, special mounting systems (eg, with adjustable feet) may not be used for fixing wooden window sealants, adhesives, penoutepliteley and construction nails. Wooden windows should be placed on a level.