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Online platform simplifies the product search on the Internet and provides free listings for solar equipment, copiers and telephone systems Strausberg/Berlin, 22 February 2011 more than 79 percent of the Germans start the search for a product or service on the Internet. This is a recently published study of the high-tech Association BITKOM. The problem: This search is sometimes very costly and time-intensive for larger purchases and complicated products. After a nearly year-long development phase, the German buying advice starts with the aim to solve this problem. The platform gives interested parties from the Internet to local dealer for this purpose. By the end of the year, offers more than 30 products and services to be acquired total nationwide. Free listings for solar equipment, copiers and telephone systems the German buying advice focuses so expensive and often complex products rarely procured in the future primarily on solar systems, copiers and telephone systems. In addition it gives Company also offers for franking machines, forklift, espresso maker, plotter, thermal imaging cameras, Web Designer or water dispenser. By the end of 2011, more than 30 products should be in the portfolio of the Germany-wide buying advice. German buying advice currently the company employs nearly 20 people, mainly in the areas of online marketing, product advice and it. currently registered approximately 5,000 providers in the country-wide network. About ten times, approximately 50,000 users visit the site per month. Since the beginning of 2010, already more than 20,000 requests were conveyed. With the concept of online matching of interested buyer the German purchase advice on the list of already successful online marketing portals such as BuyerZone, Quotatis, customer portal, Approvedindex, VomFachmann, seamlessly. So does the innovative product placement in the Internet investor, businessman or Secretary, today informed almost every user before purchasing an expensive purchase on the Internet. The German Buying advice has recognized this trend and offers the ability to compare offers of multiple dealer for free with their service of buyers. To the German purchase consulting brings together interested parties with appropriate suppliers from the same region. The seeker specifying detailed information about type and requirements of the desired product on the company’s Web site. The vendors who are interested in this question, can acquire a brokerage fee of the German buying advice and then contact the customer contact. So the German buying advice saves the searcher valuable time and provides them with appropriate and comparable offers from their region. For more information,