Karl Malone

Pick and roll is the correct translation of pick and roll. I read an article Scariolo surely be the most offensive form of collaboration used in basketball today: sometimes well used and sometimes abused. Every season I think it is still more important, it was a couple years ago that taught us both actively and passively to all (Stockton and Karl Malone), fewer years ago a couple in Vitoria made major milestones for the club ( Prigioni and Scola), but is still excellent today couples, almost as many as the elite teams (Prigioni and Spliter, Raul Lopez and , Diamantidis and Batiste …).He also said that the most common Scariolo is resorting to blocking a large to a small but this may change and have excellent results with other players. The P R teaches players to read the defensive reaction and take the right decision to make the most porvecho that little head start.But then, such is the importance of P R today that defenses are increasingly prepared to respond to these situations and almost nothing manages to surprise, you do not want to say that is not effective, not because they expected it easier to defend, but attackers and defenders during a game a real battle developed full protection from bumps and where the advantage changes as easily as their ability to raise doubts on the contrary is shown. Many are those who study the P R, my proposal will not be based distinction in principle where the action takes place (central or lateral), even more important is who’s performed, neither the angle used in blocking (all It seems to me very important and essential course to improve efficiency in this technical resource – tactical), the first and key distribution in this study is the time of possession in the development. This distinction between: P R initial. At the beginning of the possession to create a defensive mismatch or advantage. P R routine. As default middle movement and a system in which we seek a situation space – ideal time to play a normal 1×1. P R final. At end of possession in its simplicity for implementation and little time requirement to mount, especially if the defense and time is short. Obviously I can not give all the options game of P R, all the possibilities but I try to explain the options to me personally my favorite.