Many People

99% Of people who see the title of my article, first is pulling the hair arrancandoselos and maldeciran when you read the introduction, some want burn me in a green wood – what proof my previous point, people you like revenge-, other head slide condescendingly but know deep inside them that on more than one occasion they have been quediro get back to satisfaction. Now, whats the point? why so many people want with so ardently to retaliate for others? One reason I’ve found is that they don’t get rid of negative emotions, they don’t know how to remove them from your life, is completely impossible for them to eliminate the envy, resentment and the tendency to take revenge, another reason, is that always has told forgive, but never been taught practical value of forgiveness their benefitsTherefore, they do not see it real in his life, much less practical. I forgive but do not forget me is a phrase that contains more problems that I can speak in a single article. And it is the main problem that people can’t forgive, and never really forgives. Revenge is good, if you know how to get payback positively. So, contrary to common belief and too widespread, that revenge is bad, know revenge or get even is good for the soul, is beneficial for the subconscious, why? because you close that chapter of your life. The problem is that people don’t know how to take revenge or do, why online forums where thousands of resentidas people congregate and exchange ideas and services even exist on the network and you are more popular. But that kind of revenge not you raera nothing good – because I just cannot say otherwise! Ponte de agreement! they think most who read this article and although it seems contradictory, it is not, there is a right way and another incorrect for revenge and take something positive from this. .