New Forest

Second of a family of seven brothers, son of a father small agriculturist, already today deceased and of a mother primary teacher, today pensioner, with a full infancy of limitations, however, with a very great desire to conquer spaces. With one year of age my parents had been to live in the city of New Corrals RN, native land of my mother; there, to the six years I had my first teacher: D. Iraci Brando. To have been pupil of this woman has one meaning very special, that cannot be translated by any attempt of rationalization on the my history of life. However, the simple attempt fortifies the feeling of that the time passes, the people moves, but the experiences that go being lived throughout the life, since more tenra age, compose our proper essence, condition and provoke our dreams, are reference for our perspectives. After seven years, my parents had returned for Luzia saint, where 30 years had lived for more than. In Luzia Saint, he concludes primary education, today basic minor.

I was guided by the teacher D. Nissinha, that I initiated my trip for the world of the reading. My first books had been: The boy of the green finger and Poliana. History marks that me until today. The life in the school, the school in the Finished life the elementary school, I started to study in New Floreta. As in Luzia Saint it did not have ginasial education (today basic greater), we had that dislocating in them from pickup truck, all the nights for the city of New Forest. To enter for ' ' colgio' ' something was so marcante that still I remember the first lessons in the ample rooms and professore of each series. Although the difficulty to have that to arrive ace 11h of the night, passing rain and cold, I remember with homesicknesses of that time.